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Was lucky enough to be able to catch Freedom Film Festival in KK yesterday. Stirred even more questions in my head. Before this, everytime I talk to mum about the things that we as young Malaysians are beginning to question about, her eyes would curve, wrinkled at my endless open-end questions, showing signs of... I don't know. Guilt maybe? Not quite sure whether I should start off this way, but mum was/is living in a generation (or was/is the generation) where majority were, easily "contented". There I said it.
And the truth of the matter was, most of our parents, were somehow always easily "content". They weren't critically thinking enough, they weren't or majority of them at least weren't vigorously asking, or maybe even when they were, the idea of splurging them back over with bonuses and the built of  infrastructures that were right in front of their face have changed their spoken-instincts back into feel food contention. And back then, or may…

A Day's Train Ride to Beaufort, Papar

I've had a week off and I had tons of plans to go around with it, but with the week off coinciding mum's birthday and mine, and a cousin's wedding, I had to skip most elaborated plans, and compress everything into a day's train ride which I absolutely loved. But before that, here's quick one; 
Just recently, I was offered to work in a bigger international chain, and I took it, and after much la di da, here I am having a week off before I start on my next journey. It's been an amazing one in my previous place, where people have respected me, my talent and skills so honorably. But I'm developing even more now, so I've decided it's only right for me to move somewhere bigger and take up the offer that one has valued me for. So that's all. Now let's get technical.

I was wondering what I could do for my actual birth-day (Tuesday, 2nd October) - and while others indulge in different things like retail therapy, aromatherapies, food or maybe even ju…

To reasons

When I was growing up, mum and dad would spoil me on my birth-day. Sometimes there'd be two cakes, sometimes, a bike, sometimes a couple of big presents among the small ones. Whatever it was, it was never short of a celebration. I never really know the feeling of, not having celebrations you see. However big or small. But I knew, if there was ever one thing that stuck to me from mum throughout all these celebration was that to always appreciate the gift of another year. 
Often not we forget that our live is ours but does not belong to us. It belongs to the people that have created us, the people that have brought us into this world, whoever they may be. And to a certain extent, there should be a certain kind of gratitude to our creators by acknowledging the day we were safely delivered. Even as simple as a prayer. 
For the past a quarter of a century of my life, I have realised that I am for what I'd like to be and what I'd like to offer, not of who I think I am. I live o…