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Picnic by Madsiang River, Penampang

We wanted to have a spin-off from Kudat and my previous (the place is so cool it's my backyard and I did it alone) camping at another place, because they've been dying to go somewhere and do something. We suggested camping, but a handful of us couldn't make it, so the boys thought of a picnic by the Madsiang River. 
We agreed to it in a heartbeat. 
Aaron told us that Madsiang River actually flows from Babagon River Penampang, that they are loosely categorized that way. They should flow from the same stream, same hill as well. That particular picnic spot we were at is maybe about 30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu town, and located at the Penampang District, probably about 10 - 15 minutes drive from Dongonggon which I think is a very near haven.

I couldn't find a map online to show you guys, maybe you can email or drop me a message if you'd like to visit this place, and I'll see what I can do :)
We met everyone at 9am at Donggongon. Left for Madsiang at about 9.30am…

Backyard Camping Attempt #1

I've been DYING to camp out since... man, as long as I can remember?
I imagine I'd set up the tent with my friends together, set up whatever fire we needed together, walk/ hike around a little bit, bask under the sun, drink and talk by the river, you know the things you see so much on TV about camping and stuff. It looked so awesome to me. I mean it's not that I never did it, I was a scout, but never really put everything to practice.
Whenever I set on wanting to do the things that I want (especially when it comes to any little or big adventures out there), I would find all my ways to do it, with or without anyone to join me. I know it sounds dangerous and sometimes selfish... but *I think* I'm old enough to know what I want and I also know I have to be responsible for the decisions that I made.
So back to camping, last weekend, while I was looking for some Swiss Army Knives, I was talking to Morris about camping and our enthusiasm on camping shot up sky high! So that…


The loneliest time I've ever been in my life was in 2006, when I just moved to KL from KK. I chose the Master Bedroom in the hostel, which I presumed would help me a little better with mingling with the other two roomates, since you know there'll be two. 
I stepped into the room, and met both of which were Architecture Students, of Chinese race.The first girl that greeted me was from Penang and another was from Kelantan. The first girl, greeted me with a very, what I would call it a 'necessary' smile, the other just nodded at me. It didn't felt like they were REALLY excited to see me, maybe because they've been welcoming different girls every now and then now, I mean who could blame them, the tenants change so frequent. So instead of thinking about it so much, I allowed more time for unpacking trying to avoid whatever communication I had to do with them. 
I was young, in a new place, and I was awkward but I was determined to fix our estranged introduction to f…