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"Adventure is out there!"

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Long House Stay, Kalampunian Beach Kudat

Chris, Angel and I decided on heading to Kudat about a month back. After finally settling it on this long Raya break, when the day came we were as ready and packed up everything -- included were some sleeping bags, placemats, torchlights, wholemeal breads and even a tent (just in case). 
Chris told us that we'd be able to stay at his friend's long house and we really didn't know what to expect except that it's well, a long house, that means it probably doesn't have any electricity, we weren't sure about running water and where this long house would be situated exactly... that too was a total uncertainty.
I was lucky I felt better after having an extremely (rather random) high fever the day before. So we left to Kudat at about 1pm, I was feeling better, I was driving one car and another car to follow suit.

Kudat is accessible via air or land. Eventhough it is, you must know, Tip of Borneo is still some 30 minutes away from the airport/ town. Check out the airli…

Mamutik on Sunday

Went to Mamutik with my sister on Sunday. It's my second time in the island and I love Mamutik so much. Although there were a few things that bothered me a little bit. The fact that THE FISHES BITE! Wah, I nearly died of shock man. At first I felt a slight nibble, and then, it started nibbling me again (like little pinches) and then they still bit me again. Kind of traumatized but apparently, my brother said it's common here in Mamutik -___________-" 
Other than that, it's really clean, a lot of fishies, and there are some secluded areas perfect for those who want to just lay down, suntan and play with friends which I find are still a steal. 
Later in the day, Angel came along with her two Nepali friends, Yusik and Puskal who are Gurkha Soldiers. They're like the most adorable boys ever. Real sweethearts and gentlemen. 
Angel and Puskal loading their waterguns.

Intimidated Angel. I mean these boys ARE soldiers -_-

We brought beachballs, snorkeling gears, watergun…

The Sunday Routine

Usually, I would lose to my bed but now, I'm sort of kind of okay with it, often not, I sort of predicted when the sun's rising up. Sometimes under the grogginess, I subconsciously move myself to hide under whatever shades there are around, other times I would blatantly give up and begin my day. But since I've appreciate the days much more now and that the warmth of the sun fills the room within seconds of its rising -- waking up early has been a lot easier. 
You see, whenever mum asks me whether I'd like an aircond in my room I stomp on my feet and strongly told her not to. I have this beautifully crafted story of a reason why I don't want to - I want the sun to be my natural alarm clock :)
Time and time again people ask me why I refuse to plant an airconditioner in the room -- and time and time again I so jovially illustrate them my answers complete with how (terrible) I look like when I wake up, and time and time again people still thinks that I'm joking, I…

"Forever can never be long enough for me"

I'm such a sucker for romantic stories. 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.