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A couple of weeks back, I mentioned about Manila here quite briefly. Manila has a lot of exciting things. The people. The streets. The taste. The language. The lifestyle. 
All these words may seem ambiguous at the moment; just like everything else, you must experience everything yourself to be able to understand every words that I've used to described.

Manila is Philippines' capital city, one of the sixteen cities that build up Metro Manila. Located in the black square. It is located on the eastern shore of Manila Bay with San Juan and Mandaluyong to the east and Makati to the South East. Manila has about 1.6 of population, being second the populous city in the Philippines after Quezon - also tabulated to be one of the most populous metropolitan (11th in the world) while the higher urban area is the fifth most populous in the world. (Wikipedia, 2012)

Manila is within the black square.

I met up with Chen and Zena in Makati one day - and we had the awesomest mango crepe cake ev…

Life After You

So it's been 14 years now.

It feels really long when I said it that way. Life after you has been, fun. I'm not joking. Of course the first few years were difficult, I remembered all those days of getting used to quite vividly. Jeremy, Jessy and I argued a lot, you weren't there to break us up anymore, sometimes, I remembered hating Jeremy so much I would scribble all kinds of angry words in my journal and hoped that one day something so terrible would happen to him just so that I can "laugh" at him hysterically (wtf yeah I know I was evil that way). He was like an evil dictator and we hated him for pushing us around. I even spat on his drinks, hid some of his money and cut some of his pants :| 
Come to think about it, I'm glad he did all the pushing that he did. I didn't turned out spoilt and I learned to be independent from all the things that I had to learn to do with all the pushing. I even fought for things I believed in, and reasoned with things that…


Remember that time when I was telling you about Philippines being underrated? Boracay is that one place where a lot of visitors and other newcomers like myself can agree that IT IS definitely not underrated. I'm sure some of you might have heard of Boracay, but what is it or where is it really - this is where I come in and help you out :)  
To start with, let's get acquainted with our Philippines map since this is the first post on the nation I've come up with. Just like Malaysians, with our West and East Malaysia segments, the Philippines a nation with over 7000 islands, too is rightly segregated to three types of areas ; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The capital city of Philippines is Manila, a prime area that is the central of all businesses and main headquarters' offices (like most countries) are situated at. I will have a blogpost on Manila itself, tons of things to write about :)  
Boracay is a small island of the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) sou…

93 Million Miles

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