Melbourne City

I’ve always thought Australia is such a wholesome country. Amazing climate, breathtakingly beautiful natural attractions, great people (they're really witty in general), excellent food (especially fresh foods, oh my God!) and fascinating appreciation of arts and culture. Always worth visiting, and almost impossible to cover all the states or places of interest. 

Melbourne Museum 
The only downside about Aussie is probably the fact that it being one of the most expensive country to visit at this moment. Even US Dollar is cheaper than AUD now.

Melbourne City Lookout, Mount Dandenong
Yuen and I visited during Autumn, so it was a tad cold and leaves were evidently falling everywhere. Very pretty though. 

Carlton Gardens

Federation Square/ Flinders St. 
To begin with, if you haven’t known, Melbourne is packed with all kinds of races. Greeks, Italians, Indians, Malaysians, Chinese, Thais, Singaporeans the list just goes on and on. 

Yuen was putting these glasses on without realizing the stamps on both of the glasses. Hehe. 

Amazing picks of fresh foods too. All of us have agreed that fresh foods here in Australia make you feel like cooking every other day. Make you feel like eating healthy food every day too! 

Queen Victoria Market 
The city especially has rows and rows of restaurants of foods from all over the world, come to think about it, it can’t entirely be the schools that’s bringing in all these international people could it? 

And based on my own personal observation, for exploration, Melbourne city can be broken down into three main areas;


Recognised as a UNESCO’s World Heritage City, the architecture here in Melbourne city really is gorgeous. Probably one of the main reason why so many kids pursue their architecture studies in Melbourne. 

      There are aplenty of ancient buildings, very well preserved and taken care of and then there are the new ones – futuristic, practical and eye-catching definitely. 

Richmond Street 

Some can be spot even from a mile away. It’s a crime not to take pictures of some of the buildings here in Melbourne; they are a blend of modernism and vintage wash. 

Luna Park, St. Kilda.
Here are among notable buildings around the city – Melbourne Theatre Company, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne Museum, State Library, Parliament House, Federation Square and so much more. 



I know by right it should fall under Arts & Culture, but with the variety of food and coffeehouses there are in Melbourne, it is only fair Melbourne’s choices of food deserve its own mention. 

Look at that giant portion. 

St. Kilda's Fish & Chips 

After spending one or two days walking around the city during the weekdays, and observing how so many of Melbournians are always chatting, drinking and merrymaking at al fresco restaurants during the day, I have finally deduced too that Melbournians have adopted the Italians’ lifestyle! They really love to relax, sit, eat, chat and drink up their plain ol’ coffees or wines if could all day long. 

With all of the races having its own vigorous communities budding rapidly in Melbourne, the variety of choices have directly grown (probably) triple or quadruple of the choices as well. Greeks, Thais, Malaysians, Italians, Chinese, Indian… truckloads of good food.

Elizabeth Street
Pie in the Sky, Mt. Dandenong 
I mean, who wouldn’t with the insane amount of choices of eateries in Melbourne! And please check out the interior decorations as well, they’re stupendous. 

OST at Richmond Street 
As testament, my friends who are working in Melbourne did say the exact same thing! They are generally very relaxed people, and love to spend their time eating and chatting and drinking loads and loads of coffees. 

Sweetheart Chee Hang actually brought us to his workplace as well, and treated us this amazing pizza. Look at that thick topping! 

Baked in South Melbourne, Clarendon Street 
My favourite food in Melbourne/ Australia. 

Arts and Culture (Lifestyle)

Live shows, buskers, art drawing, coffees, wines, graffiti, cheese, bargain hunting, opera, eccentric fashion sense, scones, cycling, musicals, footy and the list just goes on and on. 

I think Melbourne is rich in culture, especially with the total mesh of all the races in the world. 

Look, you can cast your own baby bump. I am so doing this!! 

Rose Street Market 

Just like every other big cities, graffitis are like the voices of the streets. Colourful, sound and usually interesting in nature, Melbourne's graffitis are very interesting as well. I love the colours and the eccentricity of it all. 

Graffiti all over Melbourne's Streets
Bargain Hunting 
Essentially, Melbourne is infused with a very strong European culture (the appreciation of arts and fine lifestyle). I would love to list down all the things one can pick up on doing but based on my interest, for someone like me, I would probably spend my money on ; live shows (theatres), hidden gems hunting (like below) and themed bars.

Busking is so common here in Melbourne. You get to see numerous types of buskers lurking in the city. If they're good, then be generous :) 

More picture on my Facebook soon for you to lurk around. Feel free to ask me anything and I shall try to help you out. Yuen spearheaded most of the moveabouts when we were in Melbourne, so that might be my handicap if you were to ask me in full detail. But Denise did told us that, with My Journey Planner it shouldn't be hard to navigate. 

Visit in Melbourne! Oh you'll love it. I'll be staying away from Aussie for a while simply because it's too expensive and I'd like to visit some other countries for now :) 

My next Aussie post will be on The Great Ocean Road. Let me get all the info about it right and sort out some suggestions for you :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Carole said…
Very nice post.
For a bit of light relief, you might enjoy this Cartoon
KY said…
the thing i miss most about aussie - KOPI!

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