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I read this post a couple of months back about falling in love with a girl that "travels". I'm sure most of you have read it. And from the string of flawless argument she presented to us, I too just like a million of those that share the same values as those who love to explore, truly agree in the entire post - but on men.

I've met numerous of people in my life, from my day to day life and from my short trips. I'm sure you do too and they are, by chance, "travelers" for sure. During my visits to some of these places, local or international, near or far, I am really at ease with these strangers I now call my friends.

These strangers are of different mother tongues, skin color, hair type, eye color. In short, we are truly different in its entirety. We grew up with different values, different physical appearance and in different time zones. So the odds for us to be able to communicate so in sync is remotely impossible.

But these people, these really kind people that I've met, South East Asians, Europeans, Indo-chinese,  Malaysians, Caucasians, Africans - both men and women share one beautiful common ground - humility. Like the core of the post that she shared, humility in acknowledging there are tons of people different than us, both big and small, or places both glorious and timeworn is the most inspiring trait. With humility comes appreciation. And by grace, men or women who appreciates everything around them are so easy to love. They do not condemn, nor degrade, nor dispute the difference yet they maneuver the differences, accept and love it as they are.

Mamutik Island
No, not all of them are Atheists, have braids, burnt tanned skin, frizzy hair, and an empty itinerary. But yes most kind humble men are easy going, could live without gadgets and are not dressed to the nines. They're generally moderately neutral that way. They take life as it comes, they are not bundled with anger, jealousy nor pride. They love life and are genuinely happy for other people.

Victor Harbour
Usually no hard expectations on others and themselves, very accommodating, forgiving, very easy to communicate to, hilarious because he understands in the strangeness of reality, simply humble enough to try new things, always willing to offer assistance, believes in kindness and karma, and most importantly appreciates the nature of some things and basically, is just pleasant to the soul.

To most men, ego and the drive for possessions must be built in. You can't really blame them, some say it's innate, some say it's paternal instincts, some say it's the modern age but having these I call it the gratitude roses among thorns in your life are really soothing.

I am attracted to both men and women that eventually becomes my gravity. That encourages me to pull myself back to earth, look at the beauty in simplicity, kind hearted and always willing. It may be in a form of reading, mingling with different stratas or just plain ol getting tickets to wherever they are (which is the best because it is the reality). They are the reason why I believed in kindness and why I always want to live in accepting more cultures as I go along the way.
1 Corinthians 13: 4, love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
So till then, be kind!
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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