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My Monkey Suit

Me and my monkey suit. Blazed up, nametag and a neatly tied hair.

And a stolen MAC. WAHAHAHAHA.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tip of Borneo - Simpang Mengayau, Kudat

There are a few significant places that make up a nation or a state and these few make up Sabah;
Sipadan Island, which was nominated to be the finalist of the new Seven Wonders of the World a few years back, Maliau Basin deemed as the Lost World of Sabah a 588 square kilometres of geological stones surrounding the Maliau River, Mt. Kinabalu, one of the tallest mount in South East Asia and then there's the Tip of Borneo Kudat, well it's special that way because it is at the Tip of the Borneo Island.
Because we have to work half day on Saturdays, we had to leave to wherever we go on Saturdays only after work. So we packed our bags the night before so that we could leave after work immediately. 

We left nearly 1pm because some of us were dragged for work and after buying some munchies and stuff, we were finally on our way to Kudat nearly 2pm. We reached there almost 5pm, thanks to our trusty driver YY :) 
Kudat (Kudat Town) 
Kudat is approximately a 3 hours drive (190 Kilometres)…

East Malaysia by Artisland

Producer: East Malaysia
// East Malaysia
Filmed and edited by Arthur Inamov
Color correction by Andrew Melikov

// Cameras: Canon 5D Mark 2, Canon 7D, GoPro Hero2
// Editing: Final Cut Pro
// Color correction: Color Finesse 3
// Music: "Clouds Over Dreams" by Daniel Powell


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

For those who appreciate

I read this post a couple of months back about falling in love with a girl that "travels". I'm sure most of you have read it. And from the string of flawless argument she presented to us, I too just like a million of those that share the same values as those who love to explore, truly agree in the entire post - but on men.

I've met numerous of people in my life, from my day to day life and from my short trips. I'm sure you do too and they are, by chance, "travelers" for sure. During my visits to some of these places, local or international, near or far, I am really at ease with these strangers I now call my friends.

These strangers are of different mother tongues, skin color, hair type, eye color. In short, we are truly different in its entirety. We grew up with different values, different physical appearance and in different time zones. So the odds for us to be able to communicate so in sync is remotely impossible.

But these people, these really kind …

Melbourne City

I’ve always thought Australia is such a wholesome country. Amazing climate, breathtakingly beautiful natural attractions, great people (they're really witty in general), excellent food (especially fresh foods, oh my God!) and fascinating appreciation of arts and culture. Always worth visiting, and almost impossible to cover all the states or places of interest. 
The only downside about Aussie is probably the fact that it being one of the most expensive country to visit at this moment. Even US Dollar is cheaper than AUD now.

Yuen and I visited during Autumn, so it was a tad cold and leaves were evidently falling everywhere. Very pretty though. 

To begin with, if you haven’t known, Melbourne is packed with all kinds of races. Greeks, Italians, Indians, Malaysians, Chinese, Thais, Singaporeans the list just goes on and on. 
Yuen was putting these glasses on without realizing the stamps on both of the glasses. Hehe. 

Amazing picks of fresh foods too. All of us have agreed that fresh foods…