Things kids should do

For some strange reason all the places that I've visited these couple of months have been either beachy or just by some river, water or sea. Thanks to that, I've been sunburned over and over and been getting darker and darker. While it challenges and confuses my self esteem and my pride, I'd like to admit that... 

I have been feeling so ... "outgoing". 

I love this camera my friends gave me when I was in ChurpChurp :) I refuse to call them ex colleagues because I know that regardless of whatever time and situation we're in, I'm sure we could still get a long like we used to. Lovely bunch of people.

That said about being outgoing and stuff, here are some activities that kids should opt to do instead of sitting in the whole day.

#1 Kite

#2 Balloon

#3 Telematch or some group beach activities

# 4 Climb some trees

#5 Hug some trees

And last but not least, some plain ol running. In  Sabah we call it, Bubut Bubut (Chase).

Place: Tg. Lipat, Likas
Event: Cousin Ameera's 16th Birthday Party

This is what a 16th birthday party should be like. Outdoor and filled to the brim by people from all walks of life that matter most to you.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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