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Manikar Beach Resort, Labuan

I've always thought Labuan has so much potential. It's a port hub, basically some areas are near some beaches but still (strangely) underdeveloped. Most importantly (being one of it's biggest attraction), is it's duty free! 
Last weekend, Daren came by to visit. Daren has heard so many (cheap) things about Labuan, but never really knew anything about the place. We decided to spend a Saturday night, check out the Manikar Beach Resort and get to know the little Labuan.

You can travel to Labuan by flight, by Ferry or by land plus boat. It is about 45minutes flight away from Kota Kinabalu or 3 hours Ferry Ride from the main Jesselton Point's Terminal. Another way to go to Labuan is when locals would usually drive up to Kuala Penyu and from there they would boat up to Labuan for another 20minutes.

Received good vibes about this place since my first correspondence with the Communications Personnel. She duly informed me about the upgrading they are working on when I was …

Things kids should do

For some strange reason all the places that I've visited these couple of months have been either beachy or just by some river, water or sea. Thanks to that, I've been sunburned over and over and been getting darker and darker. While it challenges and confuses my self esteem and my pride, I'd like to admit that... 
I have been feeling so ... "outgoing". 

I love this camera my friends gave me when I was in ChurpChurp :) I refuse to call them ex colleagues because I know that regardless of whatever time and situation we're in, I'm sure we could still get a long like we used to. Lovely bunch of people.

That said about being outgoing and stuff, here are some activities that kids should opt to do instead of sitting in the whole day.

#1 Kite

#2 Balloon

#3 Telematch or some group beach activities

# 4 Climb some trees

#5 Hug some trees

And last but not least, some plain ol running. In  Sabah we call it, Bubut Bubut (Chase).

Place: Tg. Lipat, Likas
Event: Cousin Ame…

Guess where I'm heading next, excited

I never consider myself lucky whenever I get really cheap rates. I make sure I pay for something that is worth it. Only when I stumble upon some valuedeals, will then I sign for it.

For only RM 288 return (6N), guess where's my next destination;

Courtesy of TripAdvisor
How odd! After so many years, I've never really thought of the place as a "destination", really.
Until I Googled more about it then I realised, this IS a gem; Philippines is going to be my next sanctuary. English speaking natives, super affordable and downright beautiful.

Excited :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Ah decisions

The guy up there can never seem to package all things good, bundle it all and put a bow on it just for once can't he. There's almost nothing in life that comes together that will fit perfectly for you.

There must be some sort of misfit - your wishes, your wants, and your needs clashing, hitting hard at each other, nudging you by the second making you wonder what is the compromise between what is good for your soul, and what exactly do you really want.

Is it the pursuit of the temporary luxury, with the time for yourself at expense? Or the mediocrity, simple happiness but you may be living with the ever lasting what if questions.

People assume that most of us forget or do not want to chase our dreams. Sometimes, we just work hard all arounds all our ways to realize them, longer.

Should we fulfil little ones along the way (me travelling whenever I can), or put all the eggs in one basket and work hard to realise all of it next time (finally flying somewhere for a really long time…

Pulau Mamutik, Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks

Ah, I could never get enough of sun, beach and fun. I would especially kill for some snorkelling, love the natural beauty of some simple fishies to colourful sea snakes, ah you gotta love the colours of the sea! It's like an entire nation in there. You could almost feel like there's a song playing in the background when you see all these underwater creatures. Particularly Little Mermaid's Under the Sea. Well mine did O.O 
Last Sunday, I went to the Mamutik Island with my friends. I've heard really good things about Mamutik from close friends, and since I love exploring places and experiencing new things, I decided this one is next. Mamutik too is listed under the Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks, just like Sapi Island. It is conveniently situated about 20minutes boat ride from Jesselton Point (ferry / boats/ terminal point) from KK. Pulau Mamutik is probably the smallest among the Tunku Abdul Rahman Parks, but definitely one of the nicest. It is also recorded to be the second f…