Posting up stuff at 1.50pm on a Tuesday noon, because I can :)

Here are some pictures I finally get to dig out from Facebook, and share with you.

After 6 years of celebrating Christmas and immediately packing over, last year, I finally get to stretch my legs on the sofa, devour some Christmas cookies and listen to old school Christmas songs till its' 12th day, and just take my time to soak up the Christmasness around me.

This is a humble creation of me and my mum.

We came up with a lovely theme, hence the softer colours, and the unconventional green and red setup. Told mum, that we'll be doing something different, and we did :) She also went a little crazy with the Christmas trees, ended up buying two more sets, though smaller.

Other than that,

A couple of weeks back, we also visited my brother in Kampung Marudu, 2 hours drive from my house. Pesta jagung is ALL about the jagung = corn. The contestants literally dressed up in corn.


I dyed my hair brown. I don't know why I did it, all I remembered was seeing the box I bought from Korea, feeling oh well at that moment, next thing I know, I was already washing it up. Check out the colour difference between my hair and my virgin, undyed sister's hair.

That is brown alright.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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