The most romantic song

I was doing my copywriting for Valentine's, and was cracking my head on what to illustrate to the lovebirds and people who pay tribute to love and togetherness out there, to kinda assist me with the copy. I browsed through countless of love songs, unfortunately, to me, most love songs are vague, yet exaggerated at the same time. Most do not have any human element in it, unrealistic another. Which is unfortunate because eventhough love makes you feel extraordinary, most of the time, the simplest of moments are the ones that makes you realise you are indeed in love. The little little things.

So as I was listening to all kinds of lovey dovey songs, a few got me. And to be frank, these are the songs that are very simple in descriptive nature but amazingly romantic. Like,

1. Eric Clapton's You Look Wonderful Tonight 
2. The Beatles Something 
3. Whitney Houston I Will always Love You 

But to me, whenever I hear this one particular song - I am reminded of occasions where I feel, there's a need to stop everything. And to just remember to be in love. That there are far greater things for the soul, and love is one. I visualize laying on the grass old brown and dry holding hands, blown bubbles bounced while we name each a world's continent, drawing shapes of animals out of the blue outline, hisses from the wind tangled with the slow crackin' music from a mobile speakerphone, and birds, fly, high passing by.

Thank you Snow Patrol for Chasing Cars. Simply written, but close to heart, and heartwarmingly relatable.

"If I lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world, forget what we're told, before we're too old". 

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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