Beach. Books. Networking. Nap.

This new life, however I felt and embrace is evidently different from the previous. I've met a couple of people that have taken the words right out of my mouth; that change is good. And it has. Change has been really good to me so far. So good, that I quite like this solo life of mine because I have some sort of control over it while still making the most out of things.

Will update you on the changes of my life;

I'm no longer in Media and I'm in now in the Hotel Industry. Not quite the exact 180 Degree change as I am still in the Communications Department, but frankly, there are far more things required to learn when you're a baby in any industry. The basic hotel lingo, acronyms and structure. And in any new organizations, getting used to the organizational structure is by far the most important, and blending, humbling in is key. Expertise alone will eat you alive, as people don't like to work with people who are not willing enough.

So a lot of the things in my life revolve around my work now.

I love this place. I really do. They take good care of all the colleagues here really well. But the most important reason why I love this place so much, is because of the people. Maybe it's Sabahans, or maybe it's the hospitable industry in general, a simple encouraging gesture goes a really long way and in this place, they flash smiles and greetings every minute. Aside from all their personalities combined, it's the idea that I get to get to know almost all of the employees from different strata in life is such a humbling feeling. Especially when it boils down to personally chatting up with everyone, all these people work really hard for an honest day's pay. How littlest of things can make them really happy, and how hard they try in their work performance is the kind of affirmation and the kind of world I want to choose to live in. That there are far more valuable things in life in all these gold chasing.

Everyone here is friendly, welcoming and if you're one bit of a grinch, they are hospitable enough to fit your unique character into the whole picture. It's quite heartwarming actually. Everyone here seems to collectively care about each other.

Being in the hotel industry means you have to suit up literally everyday. You have to make sure you look good enough, you don't look thrashed. And it is the total opposite of how I was from my previous creative industry, I could parade jeans, slide onto my colourful jacket and let loose of my messy hair, just because I can. Eventhough, casually of course the latter would be fun, but it really is harmless to dress up :)

While I was in the city, a lot have argued that working or being outside of the city equals to slow. Now that I've experienced what everyone's been assuming about (for 3 months now), I would say it is neither slow nor metro-city-like. Just like a certain tradition or culture, say not to use your phone when you're having dinner with your family, or boxing your presents only after Christmas, or maybe even having family dinner the night before the festive celebration, all these are culture that we keep for traditions sake and working outside the city means having preserving the balance between work and personal life that we've come to consensus in keeping and loving so much.

Slow is a description that is so off in describing working and living outside the city. I came to duty over the Christmas Weekend, and over the New Year's, where I celebrated with strangers, while other days I enjoy less hectic and proper strike out of things to do, but when other days when I'm required to be there and push the boundaries, I really do. So it's not slow, it's just that everyone else is helping each other out to preserve the balanced work and personal life, or in other words the working hours e.g say I sent out something at 8.00pm, and another agency receives it at 8pm they would usually stop the cycle by telling us, that if things can wait, we can send it to the next in line the first thing in the morning :)

New friends! When I came down from KL, I left almost all of my closest friends and people I generally hang out with, back in KL. Most of my high-school friends, are either working at KL, married or hanging out with their other friends. Now that I'm in a new environment, I glove myself in to the culture and surrounding that I have left 6 years ago e.g speaking in Sabahan slang. I know it sounds like I'm some sort of foreigner for saying this, but I realised that blending in naturally in a work environment requires well, conditioning. New friends come in all forms of shape and sizes. They may be my new pets :P, my new friends from the places that I've visited at some parts of the world, my new colleagues, and other friends from networking for work. I am blessed with a kind and sincere approach towards friendship, that so far I have attracted those who have the same intention.

Am I gravitating towards steadiness? Hmm. Will I never? Of course not. I have always told my self, never say never on all things. I am still in love with seeing so many places, that quite frankly, comparatively like how you work hard for an iPhone 4S, or a pair of new Levi's jeans, and save some for savings. I work for return tickets to exciting findings and stack some savings somewhere. It's the kind of adrenaline I love, and the kind of rush, momentum that nothing can replace.

So what do I do now for fun?

Beach. Books. Networking. Nap.  

I've been catching up on books and Newsweek. Newsweek, was a newfound love. I read some articles a couple of weeks back and am hooked. Plus, now that I do a lot of copywriting I need to furnish myself with new words, new strategies and new angles on describing something every day, better every second. I've been blessed with good hours and better time management, that I get to meet friends after work and still don't feel so lethargic, hence the networking. Always keeping in touch with new people as much as I can.

I've heard so many that, sleep is a privilege we always take for granted. True enough, now that I get to nap during the weekends, I feel super, whenever I'm awake from one and forgot how good it is, to have time for yourself with no cloud of thoughts hanging by.

So that's it. I just came back from my best friend's birthday, and I must say, I'm really REALLY EXCITED for her wedding, because she only deserves the best.

Till then.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Daryl Lee said…
Woah...!! You made an unusual shift from the media industry to the hotel line...!! That is one giant leap into to the pool...!! Nonetheless..., i hope you are doing well in your brand new life...!! All the best Jacqkie...!!

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