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"I knew your father"


"Ok done!!"

We looked at the time in indifference. It was already 9pm, and the eggs were getting cold. That's possibly the seventh pot we cooked that night. Sister was really hungry, my brother and I looked at each other, trying to telepathically send a message that chances are for the rice to get burned this time again, is equally the same with the previous six times. 
His head popped up from the door with the pot this time, and a huge grin. "Ok we can eat now!" He planted the pot down on the table, and we stood up, looked in and to our shock it really didn't get burned another time. It became porridge instead. 
I looked at him. And he looked at us, trying not to look sorry, trying not to make it any more sombre. When he's in charged, we eat the strangest of things. Durian with rice. Dried pork with rice. Dried pork with Sprite.  Coffee with rice. Strangest of things. And each and everytime we had to try out these "old school unusual…

The most romantic song

I was doing my copywriting for Valentine's, and was cracking my head on what to illustrate to the lovebirds and people who pay tribute to love and togetherness out there, to kinda assist me with the copy. I browsed through countless of love songs, unfortunately, to me, most love songs are vague, yet exaggerated at the same time. Most do not have any human element in it, unrealistic another. Which is unfortunate because eventhough love makes you feel extraordinary, most of the time, the simplest of moments are the ones that makes you realise you are indeed in love. The little little things.

So as I was listening to all kinds of lovey dovey songs, a few got me. And to be frank, these are the songs that are very simple in descriptive nature but amazingly romantic. Like,

1. Eric Clapton's You Look Wonderful Tonight 
2. The Beatles Something 
3. Whitney Houston I Will always Love You 

But to me, whenever I hear this one particular song - I am reminded of occasions where I feel, the…


Posting up stuff at 1.50pm on a Tuesday noon, because I can :)

Here are some pictures I finally get to dig out from Facebook, and share with you.

After 6 years of celebrating Christmas and immediately packing over, last year, I finally get to stretch my legs on the sofa, devour some Christmas cookies and listen to old school Christmas songs till its' 12th day, and just take my time to soak up the Christmasness around me.

This is a humble creation of me and my mum.

We came up with a lovely theme, hence the softer colours, and the unconventional green and red setup. Told mum, that we'll be doing something different, and we did :) She also went a little crazy with the Christmas trees, ended up buying two more sets, though smaller.

Other than that,

A couple of weeks back, we also visited my brother in Kampung Marudu, 2 hours drive from my house. Pesta jagung is ALL about the jagung = corn. The contestants literally dressed up in corn.


I dyed my hair brown. I don't know w…

Beach. Books. Networking. Nap.

This new life, however I felt and embrace is evidently different from the previous. I've met a couple of people that have taken the words right out of my mouth; that change is good. And it has. Change has been really good to me so far. So good, that I quite like this solo life of mine because I have some sort of control over it while still making the most out of things.

Will update you on the changes of my life;

I'm no longer in Media and I'm in now in the Hotel Industry. Not quite the exact 180 Degree change as I am still in the Communications Department, but frankly, there are far more things required to learn when you're a baby in any industry. The basic hotel lingo, acronyms and structure. And in any new organizations, getting used to the organizational structure is by far the most important, and blending, humbling in is key. Expertise alone will eat you alive, as people don't like to work with people who are not willing enough.

So a lot of the things in my life…

"Tequila will be served at the wedding"

Moving around, experiencing things, watching and learning gives me a sense of freedom and peace that I will never be able to pen down. But, this article is beautifully well written, it almost felt like it copied my thoughts, my sentiments and most importantly my fears. So here I am sharing you, what most travellers or travelling lovers think about the most. 

A Place to Lay my Heart - Elisabeth Eaves :

WHEN I met Joe, he told me he was trying to decide where to live. At the time, he lived in — well, that was hard to say.He was from New Hampshire, but after stints in various United States cities, he had moved to Paris, where he had been based for 10 years.But “based” was a loose term. There had been six months in South America and a lot of time in Sicily. Once he’d moved to Barcelona on a whim. The last couple of months he had been in Seattle.And here we were, meeting on a bus in Gua…