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Play with Muxic [ADV]

Invited Angel for Xplay but she had a climb the day before so she had to give her legs some loving and take a much needed break. Everyone else had something to do, I knew the boys wouldn’t really be interested in this and luckily, I met Natalie while shopping so I invited her instead :) 
Xplay is a series of parties that has been twirling around Malaysia, which has seen the movers and shakers in  urban cities like Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Melaka and just recently at Kota Kinabalu. 
I think Xplay has such a futuristic feel to it. Among the entertainment for that night was a laser show which got the overzealous crowd turns mum. Nat and I stood there boggled at all the fancy moves the dude were doing with the laser.

What makes this particular Xplay party a lot more "interesting" then some of the parties is the fact that it was headlined by talented gorgeous young ladies from all over the world on spinners. 

Other than that, BED was packed to the brim! I see Koreans, I hear Japane…

Xplay at Bed, Kota Kinabalu [ADV]

A couple of weeks ago, someone called me up and asked me whether I wanted to attend "One of the biggest party of the Year". Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit. But truth be told, Xplay has been notorious for their huge fancy parties from the ones in Melaka (Mixx), to KL (Aquasonic), to Penang (Room) and now they're concluding the Xplay series and the year of musics and all things young in none other than at the beautiful, Kota Kinabalu.  
I haven't been to parties in ... ages. I mean like the kind of parties where I would need to squeeze myself-in in super tiny dresses and end the night probably all bozzled up or have something all drawn up on my face or something, I don't know -- those sorta awesome parties. 
So after hearing out on what I'd be missing-out on if I had said no, I decided *I should* end the year with a bang. I mean, it has been so good to me. I have been so good to me (did I just said that). So I said yes and here I am sharing with you on wh…

Highlights of 2012

I wonder how 2012 has been for everyone. New revelations, epiphanies, wisdom; among the things to describe how my 2012 has been. Despite my cheery (sometimes absent-minded) image I'm quite a philosopher you see, I dwell in deep thoughts, daydreams, nightmares, whatever you may call it, and will speak so articulately about the things that I'm quite inquisitive or passionate about when asked (or when not).
1) I continued my journey
Some people would save up for new gadgets. Some would save up for books, car accessories, new wardrobe and their little ones' playmates. Whatever they are, we all have our rhyme and reason on what we love to save and spend our money on. That investment or expenditure is (or at least should be) our responsibility and ours alone. For me on the other hand, I would save my money up to see the big and small places of the world, near or far. 
And this year I did also just that. I love travelling so much because travelling does not only open my eyes to al…

A little bit of October and November

Little did I know that after quitting my job in the social media industry about a year ago, I would be venturing into something new and extremely immersive. The hotel industry doesn't sleep and according to a friend the industry is best described by only two things; beauty and busy. Do I agree with this? No, not at all. There are tons of other words that best describe the industry, both good and bad, but I must say these two do cover the majors. Beauty, which I believe she meant encompasses grooming is well known by hoteliers, that if you by for some reason are not "groomed enough" you have not abide to a hotelier's rule. Working in the hospitality and hotel industry means you'd have to constantly "look good" or at least "look groomed", can mean to be glamorous at most times. And busy, well let's just say we do our very best to you keep you warm at night and all of that come from everywhere. And if you're paying for a 5 star service, …

Bamboo Music Festival at Tamparuli '12

Spent the whole week indoor and sleeping really early the whole week of last week. I wanted to rejuvenate my body and made sure my weekend was freshened. I really disciplined myself. Lights off before 12am, proper meals and minor exercises and stuff. 
So with what good week I had, last Sunday morning, when Morris told me that he’d pick me up at 9am I got up at 6.45am instead! I was well rested, energized and it felt like I could start the day as early as I could.

We decided to spend our Sunday at a bamboo festival in Tamparuli. It's basically an event to celebrate the multipurpose use of the bamboo. Anyway, you guys can check out here for more information. I'm also trying to promote this event for the festival in future :)
Morris suggested having brunch in Tamparuli itself, and we agreed. Morris had his good ol’ Kon Lau Men Char Siew, while I had Kon Lau Men mixed and Aaron Tuaran Mee. After that heavy breakfast, we walked to where the festival was supposed to be. Everything …

So one of us met her soul-mate

There's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your kindest and most beautiful friend having found her partner in life and wanting to tell everyone about it. I have a lot of amazing people in my life, and Ingrid is fortunately one of the very few that has never gave up on me, and that has showed me how to love and live your life in whatever circumstances. 
She is also one of the strongest person I've ever known in my entire life. She has her fair share of toils and troubles, but never has her smile left her. If there is that one person who truly deserved this much happiness that she's in, it's her. 
Last week we spent most of our days and nights with this beautiful lady. 

We bullied and treated her like princess equally. 

Some friends, no matter how far or near you go, the moment you see each other, nothing changes. It's not in the way you speak, it's not in the content of your story, nothing changes. And these high school friends of mine, are just that. 


Karambunai Lagoon

Every single day I wake up feeling grateful over what beautiful home I have. It is a wholesome place to explore and indulge here in Sabah; we've got the highlands, the sun, the forests and the beautiful friendly creatures surrounding us every single day. This place is everything an explorer could ask for, and it is neatly packed in one place. All you need is time. Time to explore.
Staying on this part of the world means you'd have to be ready to swept away ever so frequently. I have been to amazing new places, really, all, the, time. And every time I do, I feel refreshed, they take/took my breath away all the time. Too many golden views and sceneries that will never be enough when penned down in words, and all that I ever want to do is to bring you to experience it yourself. 

Last week I had a team building event and we were brought to a secluded lagoon in Karambunai. Karambunai is approximately an hour's drive from the city, and it is supposedly a city resort itself. The…


Was lucky enough to be able to catch Freedom Film Festival in KK yesterday. Stirred even more questions in my head. Before this, everytime I talk to mum about the things that we as young Malaysians are beginning to question about, her eyes would curve, wrinkled at my endless open-end questions, showing signs of... I don't know. Guilt maybe? Not quite sure whether I should start off this way, but mum was/is living in a generation (or was/is the generation) where majority were, easily "contented". There I said it.
And the truth of the matter was, most of our parents, were somehow always easily "content". They weren't critically thinking enough, they weren't or majority of them at least weren't vigorously asking, or maybe even when they were, the idea of splurging them back over with bonuses and the built of  infrastructures that were right in front of their face have changed their spoken-instincts back into feel food contention. And back then, or may…

A Day's Train Ride to Beaufort, Papar

I've had a week off and I had tons of plans to go around with it, but with the week off coinciding mum's birthday and mine, and a cousin's wedding, I had to skip most elaborated plans, and compress everything into a day's train ride which I absolutely loved. But before that, here's quick one; 
Just recently, I was offered to work in a bigger international chain, and I took it, and after much la di da, here I am having a week off before I start on my next journey. It's been an amazing one in my previous place, where people have respected me, my talent and skills so honorably. But I'm developing even more now, so I've decided it's only right for me to move somewhere bigger and take up the offer that one has valued me for. So that's all. Now let's get technical.

I was wondering what I could do for my actual birth-day (Tuesday, 2nd October) - and while others indulge in different things like retail therapy, aromatherapies, food or maybe even ju…