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A couple of months ago I read, possibly, the most beautiful book I've ever read in my entire life - and that it has changed my life tremendously, and positively :) There were 5 lessons. Just 5 lessons, from the people from Eddie's previous life to tell him what life is (was) really all about. That thing we can never put our finger on. While each chapter represents a certain "lesson", those discoveries however are something you'd really have to be able to discover yourself by reading it in between the lines. The lessons are not underlined, nor are they in bold, they are lessons you'd have to figure out one by one by reading the entire book itself. So if you're expecting for shortcuts to know who these 5 people are (maybe in your life too), and what do they have to say about YOUR life, you'd really have to read and embrace it word by word. Because I did and I sobbed like a baby :(

My favourite was, forgive. Written in such a foreign, such a strange perspective, such a shocking culture - instead of beating yourself up, you forgive yourself for a loss, for peace of mind and heart. The idea was simple. That it is to forgive others, and most importantly yourself.

Forgive the guy who double parks in front of your car and tell him nicely, forgive your colleague that lied to you about his sick leave, forgive your mum who doesn't know you dislike the items in your room being re-arranged (because my mum does this heh), forgive yourself for losing a big account, forgive yourself for giving up on an old flame, forgive the police traffic, forgive the guy who knocked your car, forgive your terrible exes, forgive the ex that cheated on you, forgive the waiter who spilled on you and forgive yourself for not being able to get all the things you want.

Fix it, move on and leave all your baggage behind :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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