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Albom's - Forgive

A couple of months ago I read, possibly, the most beautiful book I've ever read in my entire life - and that it has changed my life tremendously, and positively :) There were 5 lessons. Just 5 lessons, from the people from Eddie's previous life to tell him what life is (was) really all about. That thing we can never put our finger on. While each chapter represents a certain "lesson", those discoveries however are something you'd really have to be able to discover yourself by reading it in between the lines. The lessons are not underlined, nor are they in bold, they are lessons you'd have to figure out one by one by reading the entire book itself. So if you're expecting for shortcuts to know who these 5 people are (maybe in your life too), and what do they have to say about YOUR life, you'd really have to read and embrace it word by word. Because I did and I sobbed like a baby :(

My favourite was, forgive. Written in such a foreign, such a strange pers…

Hong Kong, Macau 2011


For some strange reason, the photos no longer appear on this post. I am uncertain what has happened to them, but I reckon it's a Blogger issue. For photos of this beautiful island, please check out my photos on FacebookHERE

Last year, all four of us BFFs (Audrey, Swee Wei and Kerry) decided to go on an all girls trip. This was planned last year across the Malaysia Day holiday. 

Somewhere fun and exciting and I guess somewhere where no one would know us with a mission to go a little crazy maybe and explore exciting places together. Before the trip, we met up to discuss on a possible itinerary because we wanted to include Macau in one of the days. It’s good to have a brief itinerary, doesn’t have to be very detailed. The idea is to know what places to look forward to, but with no expectations of course. We were in Hong Kong and Macau combined for a total of 9 days! That’s pretty darn long if you ask me, but sometimes it’s good to have more days. The …