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Why do you always sleep in?

I love talking to my brother. Especially about his life as a doctor.

It makes everything I worry about seem SO PATHETIC compare to what he sees and experiences. Nothing like the eyes, the heart and the conscience of a doctor. I used to envy his intelligence, his courage to pick a road less traveled but now I just admire him.

Why do you always wake up early in the morning at 5AM? Even during the holidays?!
Why do you always sleep in? 
I have a very relaxed personality.
No. It's because your job doesn't equate to deaths. Well, what I do for living makes me a critical person. At times I'm wide awake throughout the night thinking about my patients. Our patients don't know that.  
Even during the holidays?
Most of the time if you make a mistake in your job no one literally dies. We lose lives as part of our mistakes. Our decisions, our conscience. I assisted a surgery for 10 hours before. I couldn't pee, I couldn't think of peeing, I couldn't even think of sighing…


Picture of an article written by a guy from Kajang about Sabah being the exemplary state for the "1Malaysia" idea circulating on Facebook inspired me to share this with you. Firstly, I have my own understanding of what 1Malaysia is. And this dude's letter comes close to mine.

I find it difficult to remove it from our system the feeling of pride when you're from a place where you were born and bred from, it's like you're institutionalized. Going out from the place means you'd have to compare it to the place you're from. Well we pride ourselves from wherever we are, Borneo, sames goes to Thailand, same goes to Penang, same goes to China. No matter where you are from, once a mention of your place, surely you felt that there is a need to address it, correct where wrong and attest where right.

I disagree with the idea "wrong" and "right" about a place, because a place should be about a person's (individual) experience, not her frien…

Me and the old house

I realised I've been far off from being personal nowadays. The blog's been talking so much about my trips, my Facebook is hardly updated, and don't even start on Twitter. It's probably cobwebbed by now. I have never been good with sharing personal information in a compact form, I feel naked. The idea of summarizing something personal or as close as what you're doing at the moment is usually odd and untimely for me.

Today, I'm going to share with you about my home.

When I reached home last two weeks ago, I had tons of ambitions to make the house a better place. I wanted to fix the cracks, wanted to clean the house spotless clean, to arrange some of the furniture here and there, mind you, all these alone. I told myself, it shouldn't be a problem. It would probably just take me a week to get most of the things done with the free time in my hands.

Boy was I wrong.

Cleaning up my room alone took me two weeks. Up till today, I'm still arranging some of the st…

Dragon Hostel 2011


For some strange reason, the photos no longer appear on this post. I am uncertain what has happened to them, but I reckon it's a Blogger issue. For photos of this beautiful island, please check out my photos on FacebookHERE


Room 707, 7/F Sincere House,  83 Argyle St, Mong Kok, Kowloon,  Hong Kong, China. 
Hong Kong is very notorious for its small compact places. Imagine, a normal studio apartment we are familiar with can be broken down to about 20 rooms. 20 rooms! They have the smallest, tiniest facilities to go along with this development. A sink as small as your 15 inch laptop is skilfully placed and engineered to fit everything else in the bathroom, like the toilet bowl and even the heater just right.
Before I went to Hong Kong I was worried that the place we will be staying would be TOO small, and dirty. I assumed it simply because of the very cheap rental we had to pay during our stay. It was, RM 1531.00 for 8 nights for 4 people, le…