I'm finally back online!

Been moving around quite a fair bit these past two months. Because I refuse to go online when I'm travelling, I ended up purging updates at one shot.

Here's the lo-down;

Last October my bestfriends and I bought tickets to Hong Kong and Macau just for the heck of it. So we planned it across the Malaysia Day holiday. But because I left my job way earlier than this trip, and that right after that I planned another one (Krabi, Thailand) just for me, my mum and sis solely to catch up on mum these two trips were spread out very closely together, leaving just about a week for rest.

Korea, well. Korea was a miss-communication. Sweetheart Swee, Whatsapp'd me last month whether I wanted to go Korea next year, and of course with no hesitation I said yes to her. But somewhere along the Whatsapp messages, she was actually referring to going Seoul next month, where her idol Rain (Bi) will be performing last before he's back in military for two years. Tickets bought, next thing I know, I'm heading to Korea almost immediately after Hong Kong. I was really shocked at first, but I guess, things worked out in strange ways, and because I guess, God knew that I was on holiday, my schedule worked out fine. Korea turned out to be extremely awesome. Probably one of the best place I've been so far. I really loved it.

I wasn't backpacking around Asia, neither was I stranded somewhere in Hong Kong don't worry, my life is a little less dangerous than that. I will update all of you - whoever you are my very few phantom readers of  the places I went, people I met and the places I've stayed :) Complete with addresses, pictures and simple guidelines for your next trip should you head there next.

Here are the few selected pictures I'd like to share with you.

Krabi, Thailand - 

Hong Kong - 

Macau -

Seoul, Korea -

See you soon!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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