To be surprised

Having to travel a little bit (even the nearest) amplifies all my senses. Throw yourself in an 8 hours of a moving bus, then onto a boat where you’re half a tourist half a local (and enjoying the privilege of understanding a little bit of what jokes they crack) move on to finding a chalet in wee hours in the morning (while you’re still half asleep) there’s something about being surprised and proceed to appreciating things around me move or still, with all my senses is just, golden.

It really is not about the place anymore, it’s about the other “props” in these places. That funny looking dude who keeps yapping about his day in the restaurant trying to get everyone in a happy mood. The huge lizard (almost komodo dragon like) you see walking around the beach, like a boss. That concerned dude about where we’re heading to, not only because we’re “tourists” but also because he wants to genuinely help. That hot Canadian who wants to share his sharks pictures with you, just cause. The sharks, the huge turtle, the beautiful fishes, the kind guide that made sure you didn’t miss any moments underwater – that kept making “weehooo, weehooo” sounds when he sees something. And yet he gave you a dead fish to bait the shark, and laughed at your scared face.

No wonder everyone wants to travel so badly at times. These feelings are amazing. Look at the extraordinary things that are happening outside of our cubicle? How much money do we need to keep experiencing these? Barely I’d say. And then there’s play with time. Where it comes to fault so often. 

And to my dismay, some of us still have terrible attitude when it comes to travelling. No matter how little time we spend on it. 

A place cannot help you entirely to create moments, you do; the walk to the beach that we find so uplifting and so amazing in our imagination becomes just normal when we’re actually experiencing it. The idea of talking to new friends from all over the world that we thought is so easy and cool in our head suddenly becomes such a courageous act and nerve-wrecking when we’re experiencing it. The idea of overlooking by a cruising boat becomes just a full stop when we’re experiencing it.  So I’m looking at the sea, now what.

Why do we give ourselves so much expectation some times? Why don’t we ever want to look at the positive light or rather enjoy the idea of being surprised at new things, getting lost at? Why don’t we forget the itinerary sometimes, and walk on what we feel at that time? And feed our curiosity then and only there? 

Ordinary things around us are extra ordinary to some. Let’s just be surprised shall we? :) 

Today’s inspiration is; 

On my 12 O’Clock I see a couple arguing in a foreign language I can’t make up of. Possibly Italian, could be Swiss. Girlfriend was pointing at (what seemed to be) an itinerary and moving the piece of paper like a dollar to a salesman (bugging a promise of something maybe). Boyfriend ignored. About 3 seconds later, he suddenly jolted up and started doing the “calm down” hand gestures.


Tolerance is also the reason why I’m in love with different kinds of people in this world.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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