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Perhentian Islands (Long Beach) 2011


Just came back from a 5 Days/ 4 Nights trip from Perhentian in July. This time I went with my best friends! Cancelled Bangkok (due to the political unrest) and decided on an island trip. Or more like, an island stay. 

It wasn't easy to get use to in the first place, but eventually we all loved the intimate space and time we get to spend with each other :)  The weather is perfect during the day but there were 2 or 3 nights, from our stay where the evenings poured so heavily that we couldn't get out. At all. Or only towards later that night.

The island life is truly something to warm-up to, but once you've got the hang of it - it IS SO MUCH FUN! 

And none of us were complaining about all the beach bods around us at all. /heh

^ Squirrels!

One thing for sure, there were so many squirrels and geckos! LIKE MIGHTY HUGE ONES! LIKE SUPER WELL FED ONES! Audrey goes crazy at the sight of geckos - so it's kind of funny when she goes berserk whenever she sees…

To be surprised

Having to travel a little bit (even the nearest) amplifies all my senses. Throw yourself in an 8 hours of a moving bus, then onto a boat where you’re half a tourist half a local (and enjoying the privilege of understanding a little bit of what jokes they crack) move on to finding a chalet in wee hours in the morning (while you’re still half asleep) there’s something about being surprised and proceed to appreciating things around me move or still, with all my senses is just, golden.
It really is not about the place anymore, it’s about the other “props” in these places. That funny looking dude who keeps yapping about his day in the restaurant trying to get everyone in a happy mood. The huge lizard (almost komodo dragon like) you see walking around the beach, like a boss. That concerned dude about where we’re heading to, not only because we’re “tourists” but also because he wants to genuinely help. That hot Canadian who wants to share his sharks pictures with you, just cause. The sharks,…

Hi, how are you?

I haven't been properly connected to the world wide web since forever. I know.

I was away last week for an impromptu trip to Perhentian (which was all kinds of gorgeous) and Penang and I'm bad with technology so it's almost impossible to catch me online or see me updating anything about everywhere. Near impossible actually.

I'm now in Krabi with mum and sister. Not impromptu. Planned this with mum since a few months back, just to give ourselves a bit of bonding and some lovin' :)

I'm a very, "live during the moment" kind of person. I hardly record any of the things that I see or experience, let alone share it. Been trying to break this bad habit and been trying to make sure I have good moments recorded at times. Been actively doing so since my ex-colleagues got me a camera :)

I am blessed. How about you?

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Everyone has their own "thing"

Everyone has their own "thing".

Some people's thing is their music, some their dogs, some their business, some their friends, some their fashion sense. A thing that is so close to them. Mine, well, my thing is obviously my family. I put them first whenever I can.

Today's my beautiful sister Jessica's birthday! My longest bestfriend, my longest partner in crime. And I'm cooking for her tonight! :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

There's REALLY MORE to life ; Rick Mereki - Eat, Learn, Move

Today’s inspiration;

"Most important, the feeling. You listen."It is a snippet from this video called ‘Learn’ which I truly believed is going viral now, though it doesn't need any introduction. 
Suddenly, I feel uplifted. Suddenly, I don’t feel like depending on anyone or anything, suddenly, I feel there is a need to embrace everything around me instead of just one thing, one person, one place.

About time :)

LEARN from Rick Mereki on Vimeo

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Incubus live in Kuala Lumpur 2011

My life flashed by my eyes last two Saturday night. I thought I was going to die.

No seriously.
...that’s how insane the mosh was for Incubus. It was awesome. 
Grew up picking up on big brother’s taste in music, and one of them was Incubus, because he was playing their music everyday from morning till evening. Hated it at first, but it slowly grew on me. Next thing you know, I Kazaa’d them everyday after school. And that was about 10 years ago.  Then they came to KL for the first time ever in 2004, and in Sunburst 2008, and word of mouth said it was all kinds of glory. Their music has always been one that would fit all kinds of emotions, love, sad, lonely, spiritual.
So I HAD to witness them live. I mean, I had their lyrics through my teeth as I was growing up. I am a huge fan. I love their songs, all not attributed to which albums because they were downloaded so I never knew which albums the songs were from until just recently when I decided to catch them live :( I bought the tickets t…