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"Everyday I fight for, all my future somethings..."

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge @ The Palace of the Golden Horses

Being in this industry, you'd get invited to all sorts of events and parties. Alcohol-related events being one of them. The office gets the invite for it all the time, so if my time and that event's time permits I usually don't hesitate in saying yes;cause it's like a free hangout and almost all my close friends like casual drinking so what I'd do is that I'd invite them to meet up with me! :)
This time's lucky invite goes to, Daren :) It was at The Palace of the Golden Horses, Mines. Huge crowd lining up to get in, the people right before us didn't manage to get in though - due to some registration complication. And we got ourselves a Johnnie Walker brooch! :) Nice.
Thank you classy;
Didn't wear anything fancy that night, just put on something from the wardrobe. SimonSeow and me.
Went to the lounge party with Angie and KohBeng. The premier taxi initially conned Angie, so we had to call another cab for it. That whole calling and waiting on the line…

How Social Media united people

Before I share with you this case study,
Meet my friend Swee Wei;

I've known her for 5 years now, she is one of my sweetest best friend and all the times that we've been hanging out, she is mostly in her own world, she spaces out a lot, and occasionally out of randomnity she makes undecipherable orgasmic sounds with a soft tail towards it's end. Usually like, 'Ahh, ahh'...... uhhh' over complicated questions and situations. Right, I know it's very hard to imagine but you'll see what I mean..

A couple of day's back she messaged me via MSN that she's participating a contest organised by KLue to meet her idol Rain. I was like yeah sure, why not. Her standing likes at that time was at 30 Likes, her second competition with just about 6.
I wanted to show her support, because I know how she feels. No seriously, I went nuts when Jason Mraz was in town and the Meet and Greet Passes was all I could think of. My ears were glued to the radio from 7am -11PM, did…


I love this look.

via TheSartorialist

I love the dark brown colour, with streaks of whites rested on her short permed messy hair. I love her earthy makeup, very au naturel and simple. I love the brown buttoned-up shirt, collars popped, sleeves half pulled up (a simple colour) complimented with a thick, beady, gold necklace. Partitioned by a brown belt, neated boldly in front, with an army green slacks that is actually higher than the ankle length (yet folded) and gorgeous GORGEOUS clipon vintage Oxford-esque shoes.
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.