I am a walking mismatch

It is so hard to force-vomit yourself with words and inspirations online, when you think there hasn't be anything interesting going on in your life... We all know that's bullshit. 'Cause there's always something interesting going on in my life - forgotten or unwritten.

So I'll make it a practice to update "something" based on a picture I chose. Any picture, could be a picture of a cat lazily lying on the floor (I sure know how to relate to this), or maybe even a picture of a pair of flip-flops or even something so vintage it happened even before I was born, y'know. Anything.

So today's picture is (as inspired by Yuen and Audrey's FB comments) ;

That freakshow in tights would be me - if you were to ask me for an explanation of the things I wear everyday, you'd prolly hear cricket sounds, cause I have no sense in my dressing. Reasonings yes - some parts of my attire have a story of its's own and that is why they end up on me. Logical reasonings, no. Like how I put my cartoonish jacket with a Satin dress and was verbally harassed by SaraKhoo.

This was about a month ago in Laneway Festival. I had the tights because I wanted to wear somesort of black leggings with my black boyfriend's shirt, thing is, I took this one instead to pack. So when I reach Singapore and saw the only thing I had in my bag were the boyfriend's shirt, this and a black skirt and maybe everything else on me (at that time) for the concert I didn't cringe, neither did I hyperventilate.

I was like, cool.

So I slap some stuff, fixed here and there and I was out.

My family and my closest friends have seen me in my most extreme cases of mismatch. And today, my lucky friends I've chosen some random cases of my 'kind of outfit' from browsing old photos.

#1 - A long sweater, a harem pants and a colourful tank top... to play sports. Was I thinking, yes. I was like, hey summer's coming, but I'm too lazy to change my pants, maybe I'll put on a tank top if it get's too hot. OH WAIT, what if we play 'till night. Well tada!

#2 - A tube summer dress, a sweater and God-forbid with a pair of Converse. Was I thinking? Yes, we were going for a hike! Of course I have to wear shoes, and it was summer, but still a bit of a windy one... so yeah... truthfully, I kinda like this look :P

#3- A glittery white silverish top with a white tank inside, leggings and a blue green short skirt. Was I thinking. NAH. 9/10 of the Ozzies in that club weren't thinking anyway, I was a mild case compared to their boobs spilling, uber tight balls hugging jeans and their ferociously back-combed hair. It was the night that the club saw a ball of glitter and blue skirt dancing on a podium! (Yuen, you still owe me one).

#4- White top (back was "decoratively" cut and all tied together by myself), a half mid-riff tank with padding, black jeans and a brown skinny belt. Was I thinking - I think it was the best among all, cause I had at least 2 same colours there, my brown bag and my brown skinny belt so it was aight.

#5 - Hehehehehe, my first Valentine with the boyfriend. The shirt was too cute, I had to WEAR IT. Did Daren thought it was cute? We will never know because he never spoke of it. Hm, come to think about it, he never mentioned it. Must have cursed me for walking with him throughout.

So as you can see and read, I don't have trouble loving myself (my whatever sense of style). Do I have too much of a confidence or an ego that one day it will be the death of me and the Fashion gods? Hell no. But enough for me to love my quirky self, and frankly, most of the time I don't understand why I pick or choose the things that's on me as well, but I just do, and they somehow resemble something. I used to think I opted for a random look was because I was in Ozzie, but I realised some of the photos were way before Ozzie, and I even carried through the randomness after Ozzie, so it really can't be the place.

It must be... me :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Sara said…

yes if you dressed well, you wouldnt be jacqkie

you wouldnt be quirky enough, or carefree enough, or I-dont-care-wth-ppl-say-about-me enough. but thats how we all love you :) (at least I do)
GG said…
I personally like the 3rd picture. It's cute.
Yuenny said…
why your pics all dont have me wan :(:(:(

make you dance on podiums and poles.

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