Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Tickets to Rainforest World Music Festival '11

UPDATED: I have two (2) extra 3-Day pass ticket for the Rainforest World Music Festival this weekend (my brother bought the ticket but had to FFK). Anyone, or anyone's friends interested please let me know! :) Email me at

There is another music festival coming up and this time, it’s locally produced. The performers on the other hand will be coming from all over the world, across all seven continents. When I say international performers, I don’t mean people who are produced from LA, I mean people who perform folk music with traditional musical instruments all the way from Scotland, Denmark, Italy, other Scandinavian countries, Malaysia and even the Africans.
I’ve gathered enough information for all of you, and let me know if you’d like to join me J I’d be travelling alone for now, and a couple of friends and acquaintances showing interest thus far. I’m planning to do the necessary booking and purchasing of tickets by end of this week, so ask around NOW, and confirm with me the soonest!

Below are the details – hope you find these useful;
Date: July 8- July 10, 2011 (Friday - Sunday)
Venue: Sarawak Cultural Village, Kuching, Sarawak
Online Tickets are only being sold ‘till April 15th at, normal purchasing of the tickets can be bought from the ticket counter itself at TicketCharge (No 42A-1, Jalan Metro Pudu, Fraser Business Park, Off Jalan Yew, Kuala Lumpur). Tickets are also available from the entrance of SCV, but of course this is not advisable to avoid dissapointments.

The music festival is running for 3 days, of which it starts on Friday. A-lot of the forums I looked through, and people that I’ve asked have mentioned that the people least attended on Fridays and people starts pouring in for Saturday and Sunday. So if you do want to take leave on one of these days, suggestively it would be either on the Monday, or Friday and leave right after the festival or early on Monday morning.
Here's the line-up, if you’d like to check out specific performers;

For accomodation, you could choose to opt from these three types of accomodation:
1. Camping onsite at SCV (note that you must have the equipment, and apparently it usually rains on Saturday and Sunday). So if you don’t mind trying out staying under a tent on rainy nights, you’re most encouraged to ‘cause it’s only RM 4/ night.
2. Basic hostels and backpackers lodge in the city. I’ve looked through the forums and have been re-assured that it will only cost RM 20 /return for the tons of shuttle buses that will be coming to and fro SCV, 45 minutes by bus from the city. I’ve attached a map from the city (where all the lodges will be at, SCV and the airport itself).
A- Kuching City (where most B&Bs are)
B- Sarawak Cultural Village
C- Kuching International Airport
3. Or, you could choose to try to stay at the longhouse! However, I heard that the loding in the longhouse sells up pretty fast ‘cause it’s popularity.
Tell me soon!!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

What would you use all that cash for?

Today’s picture is inspired by;

So as I walk towards the train station every morning stirred with all kinds of emotions all even more stimulated with a rock song - more often than not, there’s a string tons of questions in my head. Why is the morning the hardest? What do we live for? Why did I slept late last night? What should I do this weekend? Have I finished the deck that I was supposed to do? You know, all kinds. And at one point in the midst of questions diarrhea, there would probably be a moment where we finally ask - so, why do we continue with life and what do we actually live for. You know this whole waking up early and do that whole REM’s Mad World cycle again?

Some adrenaline junkies live for adventures, some mediocres live for simplicity, some passionate people life for what they do in life (earned or for non-profitable causes), some hardworkers live for being able to sleep at night knowing they're doing something with their life impactful or not.

As I struggle to distinct myself with what I want in life and what I don't mind missing out on - I get more and more determined to live the life I want, I guess a little because of the self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d want to make it a habit to choose the options that will help me sleep well at night when making decisions and to calm myself down when things don't really go according to plan or seemed like they weren’t (that's how I've been living anyway).

That 10 minute walk to the train station always helps me to reinforce my reasons to live and to work hard. For what exactly? This is where I go crazy on dreaming J I always see at the same time and place a bus filled with a bunch of 3-4 year olds all dressed up all ready to go to school, parents waving, some still kissing their foreheads, some, still forcing the devils to go up to the bus.

I know I don't come across as someone very sensible for a kid, heck even for a family because I do appear as a scatterbrain and careless at times, but having a family is probably the other reason (after giving my mum a good life) for me to continue my mornings.

To be given a choice whether to get married at a (fairly) young age say around 30 or better younger, than to get so engrossed and be committed with work (let’s face it, you either willingly want to give a little, or let others take a little of your time) and you know maybe even get the chance to “play the field”, isn’t entirely something I would stomp on the idea but it’s not I want to live my life to. Everyone has their different goals and motivations in life. Some, are money centric, some likes to cross borders (live on venturing into new things and new stuff), some live for others, some loves the value of solitary.

I want a family :P

I want a bungalow house with a massive green lawn, not faked landscaped trees, I want a symbolic huge trunky tree at one corner of the lawn where my kids can grow up climbing it up and get bitten by mini red ants and come running back to me about it, I want 4 kids – (presumably and ambitious for now, yes) just cause they can pair up with each other when we travel in a bus or even in a flight in future or even in petty fights, and to avoid 2nd child syndrome, I’d like to send them to public schools so that they get to meet all the Malaysian races and are put in a position to must learn how to mix and mingle, make friends and learn appropriate cultures of all the races in Malaysia, to encourage appreciation in BM, Chinese, and Tamil (‘cause Daren is so Malaysian in his conversational skills, he can make friends with anyone with his language upperhand, I personally think it’s a good skill), I want a dog probably a brown Labby because it is not small, neither it is very huge and because I loved ‘Marley and Me’ so much, yah that movie worked on me. Oh, I’d want my own car. Of course, something I bought myself. Something I could bring my kids around to when one of them have (really) bad cravings of something in a middle of a Sunday afternoon, or to a family park that’s not a walking distance from my house. I want healthy Sunday evenings, something my family can play in my house lawn. An open air Badminton (‘cause it’s a Malaysian thing) maybe or just biking around the house repeatedly in circles.

Lastly, with all the money I’ve saved up from working or from other investments maybe, I will try not to buy my kids digital games until they are say 12 years old. I grew up tail-gaiting my brother around playing boys’ outdoorsy games like, climbing trees, water tanks, having warfields in the living room, doctor-doctor – all requires imagination J It would be a great exercise for the brain, let’s just hope we can reason our soon to be tech-savvy kids to deppreciate digital games.

I want my life to revolve around my mum, my kids, my husband, my siblings and immediate family, my job, my house, my savings, my own needs and my care for the society (maybe be part in orgs.). In that order, maybe.

Possibly the most mature, most ambitious, most deluded post on having the perfect life, I know but I strive for such contentment in life. I don’t even have to be super happy, of course neither do I want to be sad, I just want to come home to a bunch of devils that will wipe off every stress I had through the day, I just want to hear giggles and complains of THEIR day, I just want to hug my loved ones to sleep.

I just want to make a simple but good use to my hard earned pay, without having to play loud HD movies and sleep with different people to get by the lonely nights L

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Friday, March 25, 2011

So what do I look like?

In relation to the previous post,
Linda said I look like a Kaleidoskop.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am a walking mismatch

It is so hard to force-vomit yourself with words and inspirations online, when you think there hasn't be anything interesting going on in your life... We all know that's bullshit. 'Cause there's always something interesting going on in my life - forgotten or unwritten.

So I'll make it a practice to update "something" based on a picture I chose. Any picture, could be a picture of a cat lazily lying on the floor (I sure know how to relate to this), or maybe even a picture of a pair of flip-flops or even something so vintage it happened even before I was born, y'know. Anything.

So today's picture is (as inspired by Yuen and Audrey's FB comments) ;

That freakshow in tights would be me - if you were to ask me for an explanation of the things I wear everyday, you'd prolly hear cricket sounds, cause I have no sense in my dressing. Reasonings yes - some parts of my attire have a story of its's own and that is why they end up on me. Logical reasonings, no. Like how I put my cartoonish jacket with a Satin dress and was verbally harassed by SaraKhoo.

This was about a month ago in Laneway Festival. I had the tights because I wanted to wear somesort of black leggings with my black boyfriend's shirt, thing is, I took this one instead to pack. So when I reach Singapore and saw the only thing I had in my bag were the boyfriend's shirt, this and a black skirt and maybe everything else on me (at that time) for the concert I didn't cringe, neither did I hyperventilate.

I was like, cool.

So I slap some stuff, fixed here and there and I was out.

My family and my closest friends have seen me in my most extreme cases of mismatch. And today, my lucky friends I've chosen some random cases of my 'kind of outfit' from browsing old photos.

#1 - A long sweater, a harem pants and a colourful tank top... to play sports. Was I thinking, yes. I was like, hey summer's coming, but I'm too lazy to change my pants, maybe I'll put on a tank top if it get's too hot. OH WAIT, what if we play 'till night. Well tada!

#2 - A tube summer dress, a sweater and God-forbid with a pair of Converse. Was I thinking? Yes, we were going for a hike! Of course I have to wear shoes, and it was summer, but still a bit of a windy one... so yeah... truthfully, I kinda like this look :P

#3- A glittery white silverish top with a white tank inside, leggings and a blue green short skirt. Was I thinking. NAH. 9/10 of the Ozzies in that club weren't thinking anyway, I was a mild case compared to their boobs spilling, uber tight balls hugging jeans and their ferociously back-combed hair. It was the night that the club saw a ball of glitter and blue skirt dancing on a podium! (Yuen, you still owe me one).

#4- White top (back was "decoratively" cut and all tied together by myself), a half mid-riff tank with padding, black jeans and a brown skinny belt. Was I thinking - I think it was the best among all, cause I had at least 2 same colours there, my brown bag and my brown skinny belt so it was aight.

#5 - Hehehehehe, my first Valentine with the boyfriend. The shirt was too cute, I had to WEAR IT. Did Daren thought it was cute? We will never know because he never spoke of it. Hm, come to think about it, he never mentioned it. Must have cursed me for walking with him throughout.

So as you can see and read, I don't have trouble loving myself (my whatever sense of style). Do I have too much of a confidence or an ego that one day it will be the death of me and the Fashion gods? Hell no. But enough for me to love my quirky self, and frankly, most of the time I don't understand why I pick or choose the things that's on me as well, but I just do, and they somehow resemble something. I used to think I opted for a random look was because I was in Ozzie, but I realised some of the photos were way before Ozzie, and I even carried through the randomness after Ozzie, so it really can't be the place.

It must be... me :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Where IS everyone?

Don't you hate it when you keep chanting to yourself to 'sleep early tonight, and get a much deserved rest' when the next thing you know - bright early in the morning you are brutally harassing the snooze button for at least a good one hour to 'compensate some rest' cause you slept, say at 2am before that night. You know, 'cause the time just went by like that.

Been quite occupied with a lot of stuff lately, moving being one of it. I've moved to my old place cause the current house will be returned back to it's owner this coming June, and 'cause one of the room in the current place is now vacant as well so my cousin invited me to move back in. Took about two full weekends to remove all my stuff to my current room.

Was caught with some meeting during the weekend, and I actually wrote this about a place. I'm sure you can guess where I was, from this ;

I'm in this evil place ; of overpriced lattes, over-caffeinated metropolitan strugglers and makers, of unidentified low volumed music as background noise and am anxiously seated on one of those nicely painted wooden chairs vigorously typing away, work stuff.

I don't like this place, unless the person I'm meeting suggests it or, well has a bit of a class and maybe just maybe out of strange moments, I crave one of it's servings. I mean, if RM 13.00 for a medium-sized coffee doesn't spell class I honestly don't know what else does. This place brought a lot of memories of sweet and bitter. Of meeting strangers that taught me the best of things in life, of sleeping on the comfy couch from 10pm - 5am just to wait on the next flight, of rekindling old friendships, of attending to serious deadlines.

And just by looking at all the colourful bypassers through the window both in groups and walking alone, I wonder, where IS everyone? What is everyone doing now? Is everyone happy? Is anyone alone, sad? What do they do for living now? What about relationships? Do they deter others, or do you keep in contact with the rest?

I miss a lot of my friends. Both close and acquaintances. You know, keeping friendships has become the hardest now that we're all in our separate ways, separate lives, but making them seems the easiest. You toss a glass, or you flip a card. In a split second, you are friends. Just like that. Whether you remember their name, or whether you like them, it has almost become a tradition to make one friend at least in one seating, or event.

In all honesty, I don't like the idea of being so easily accessible to anyone. I am still a little bit conventional when it comes to friendships, hence the Amish-like point of view in changing my mobile phones (cause I refuse to stay connected with everyone all the time, or I appreciate my non-constantly-beeping phone), which I am also somewhat reserved when it comes to sharing intimate private details of my life. Some things are better unsaid and more-so discovered :)

So where are you old friend of a high-school who I used to wave back when you were at least 15 feet away from me using a skeleton name Stanley, where are you uni friend whom I share lame jokes with almost every night and curse the cold while we're at it, where are you my dear dinner mate whom I watch American Dad re-runs with every night, where are you mr cynic whom skypes with me on my birthday and tells me I look surprisingly good in white and refuse to believe it was me behind the camera - why is everyone so caught up with everything else already? What happened to old friendships? :(

Golden question, where will everyone be in a year's time?

Here are the photos of my footprints - some events, some birthdays, some luncheons of the month(s). I'm sorry, a little late to update you with so many things I know :P

Swee Wei at Kent's 22nd Birthday

Me, Harinder and Fresh @ MANifesto Women : 100 Launch

Nash, Daren, Robin and Eric at Kent's 22nd Birthday

The birthday boy & ADD Brian

Adelaide Gang Reunion - I remembered having awesome chicken wings. God bless 'em!

Mummy and I during the Chinese New Year break at the Musical Fountain, was such a romantic date :)

Besties - Suey and Kerry!

I love this photo cause we both didn't have any makeup on! Love!

The brains and beauties of NomNom Media, Nuffnang and Churp Churp :) Young, hardworking and capable!

Love and peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie