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Book Tickets to Rainforest World Music Festival '11

UPDATED: I have two (2) extra 3-Day pass ticket for the Rainforest World Music Festival this weekend (my brother bought the ticket but had to FFK). Anyone, or anyone's friends interested please let me know! :) Email me at
There is another music festival coming up and this time, it’s locally produced. The performers on the other hand will be coming from all over the world, across all seven continents. When I say international performers, I don’t mean people who are produced from LA, I mean people who perform folk music with traditional musical instruments all the way from Scotland, Denmark, Italy, other Scandinavian countries, Malaysia and even the Africans. I’ve gathered enough information for all of you, and let me know if you’d like to join me J I’d be travelling alone for now, and a couple of friends and acquaintances showing interest thus far. I’m planning to do the necessary booking and purchasing of tickets by end of this week, so ask around NOW, and conf…

What would you use all that cash for?

Today’s picture is inspired by;
So as I walk towards the train station every morning stirred with all kinds of emotions all even more stimulated with a rock song - more often than not, there’s astring tons of questions in myhead. Why is the morning the hardest? What do we live for? Why did I slept late last night? What should I do this weekend? Have I finished the deck that I was supposed to do? You know, all kinds. And at one point in the midst of questions diarrhea, there would probably be a moment where we finally ask - so, why do we continue with life and what do we actually live for. You know this whole waking up early and do that whole REM’s Mad World cycle again?Some adrenaline junkies live for adventures, some mediocres live for simplicity, some passionate people life for what they do in life (earned or for non-profitable causes), some hardworkers live for being able to sleep at night knowing they're doing something with their life impactful or not.As I struggle to distinct…

So what do I look like?

In relation to the previous post, Linda said I look like a Kaleidoskop.

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I am a walking mismatch

It is so hard to force-vomit yourself with words and inspirations online, when you think there hasn't be anything interesting going on in your life... We all know that's bullshit. 'Cause there's always something interesting going on in my life - forgotten or unwritten.
So I'll make it a practice to update "something" based on a picture I chose. Any picture, could be a picture of a cat lazily lying on the floor (I sure know how to relate to this), or maybe even a picture of a pair of flip-flops or even something so vintage it happened even before I was born, y'know. Anything.
So today's picture is (as inspired by Yuen and Audrey's FB comments) ;

That freakshow in tights would be me - if you were to ask me for an explanation of the things I wear everyday, you'd prolly hear cricket sounds, cause I have no sense in my dressing. Reasonings yes - some parts of my attire have a story of its's own and that is why they end up on me. Logical reas…

Where IS everyone?

Don't you hate it when you keep chanting to yourself to 'sleep early tonight, and get a much deserved rest' when the next thing you know - bright early in the morning you are brutally harassing the snooze button for at least a good one hour to 'compensate some rest' cause you slept, say at 2am before that night. You know, 'cause the time just went by like that.
Been quite occupied with a lot of stuff lately, moving being one of it. I've moved to my old place cause the current house will be returned back to it's owner this coming June, and 'cause one of the room in the current place is now vacant as well so my cousin invited me to move back in. Took about two full weekends to remove all my stuff to my current room.
Was caught with some meeting during the weekend, and I actually wrote this about a place. I'm sure you can guess where I was, from this ;
I'm in this evil place ; of overpriced lattes, over-caffeinated metropolitan strugglers and m…

I've always thought the reason people continues moving is for the people in their life. When it all should be about their dream?

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.