Where IS everyone?

Don't you hate it when you keep chanting to yourself to 'sleep early tonight, and get a much deserved rest' when the next thing you know - bright early in the morning you are brutally harassing the snooze button for at least a good one hour to 'compensate some rest' cause you slept, say at 2am before that night. You know, 'cause the time just went by like that.

Been quite occupied with a lot of stuff lately, moving being one of it. I've moved to my old place cause the current house will be returned back to it's owner this coming June, and 'cause one of the room in the current place is now vacant as well so my cousin invited me to move back in. Took about two full weekends to remove all my stuff to my current room.

Was caught with some meeting during the weekend, and I actually wrote this about a place. I'm sure you can guess where I was, from this ;

I'm in this evil place ; of overpriced lattes, over-caffeinated metropolitan strugglers and makers, of unidentified low volumed music as background noise and am anxiously seated on one of those nicely painted wooden chairs vigorously typing away, work stuff.

I don't like this place, unless the person I'm meeting suggests it or, well has a bit of a class and maybe just maybe out of strange moments, I crave one of it's servings. I mean, if RM 13.00 for a medium-sized coffee doesn't spell class I honestly don't know what else does. This place brought a lot of memories of sweet and bitter. Of meeting strangers that taught me the best of things in life, of sleeping on the comfy couch from 10pm - 5am just to wait on the next flight, of rekindling old friendships, of attending to serious deadlines.

And just by looking at all the colourful bypassers through the window both in groups and walking alone, I wonder, where IS everyone? What is everyone doing now? Is everyone happy? Is anyone alone, sad? What do they do for living now? What about relationships? Do they deter others, or do you keep in contact with the rest?

I miss a lot of my friends. Both close and acquaintances. You know, keeping friendships has become the hardest now that we're all in our separate ways, separate lives, but making them seems the easiest. You toss a glass, or you flip a card. In a split second, you are friends. Just like that. Whether you remember their name, or whether you like them, it has almost become a tradition to make one friend at least in one seating, or event.

In all honesty, I don't like the idea of being so easily accessible to anyone. I am still a little bit conventional when it comes to friendships, hence the Amish-like point of view in changing my mobile phones (cause I refuse to stay connected with everyone all the time, or I appreciate my non-constantly-beeping phone), which I am also somewhat reserved when it comes to sharing intimate private details of my life. Some things are better unsaid and more-so discovered :)

So where are you old friend of a high-school who I used to wave back when you were at least 15 feet away from me using a skeleton name Stanley, where are you uni friend whom I share lame jokes with almost every night and curse the cold while we're at it, where are you my dear dinner mate whom I watch American Dad re-runs with every night, where are you mr cynic whom skypes with me on my birthday and tells me I look surprisingly good in white and refuse to believe it was me behind the camera - why is everyone so caught up with everything else already? What happened to old friendships? :(

Golden question, where will everyone be in a year's time?

Here are the photos of my footprints - some events, some birthdays, some luncheons of the month(s). I'm sorry, a little late to update you with so many things I know :P

Swee Wei at Kent's 22nd Birthday

Me, Harinder and Fresh @ MANifesto Women : 100 Launch

Nash, Daren, Robin and Eric at Kent's 22nd Birthday

The birthday boy & ADD Brian

Adelaide Gang Reunion - I remembered having awesome chicken wings. God bless 'em!

Mummy and I during the Chinese New Year break at the Musical Fountain, was such a romantic date :)

Besties - Suey and Kerry!

I love this photo cause we both didn't have any makeup on! Love!

The brains and beauties of NomNom Media, Nuffnang and Churp Churp :) Young, hardworking and capable!

Love and peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie


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