Which one are you?

Life has all kinds of people. The safe, the brave, the mediocre.

I'd like to think I fall under the mediocre. Pathetic isn't it, succumbing to life's gravity. It's like, I already know I can't push myself so much. Truth is, sometimes I fittingly don't want to.

Within these few weeks, I've heard people leaving their comfort zone for something, uncertain. You know just to be able to solely trust in your guts, and in however you think life should treat you. Rather than, living in a self fulfilling prophecy. To make yourself believe that this is what you want, and this what you should be thankful for. Not to say it's wrong, but your quality of life is way less than some who are strong. I must keep this in mind.

I salute you bravehearts. A person is most remembered, in quantity and in quality when they bring value to other people's lives. Truth be told I'm a mediocre, but I hope to push myself beyond.

So dreamers, about time we stop crafting our dreams and let's just do something about it. Business A, film B, writing C, design D, friends E, network F. I'm getting bored at all talk. You deserve to stay wherever you are. I'm slowly picking up on my dreams, ever since last year. Trying to meet up with the right people and going to to some relevant places. Sorry, no sharing on that for privacy sake :)

Aims to make it big, my way.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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