DiGi Done Right Camp 2011

Last year, I attended a string of Nuffnang events. All kinds of it, the glitzy, the sweaty, the outdoorsy. Online communities though may look the coolest, at times we find it the hardest to mingle around. We’re either so hooked on our mobile phones, we don’t really know other bloggers’ online identities, or well, admittedly we’re just plain socially inept. As cliche as this may sound, I have always felt a sense of incompletion when I attend these events.

I love meeting new people. I am not ‘friendly FRIENDLY’ per se, but I really appreciate good conversations, some old school coffee talk with people from all walks of life would be the best.

DiGi Done Right Camp gave me just that.

I get to actually talk to all these bloggers and let them, even so encouragingly ask me questions about how’s working in Nuffnang, how does it feel like to talk and mingle with the bloggers; does it feel like a job to talk to them, or do we see them as part of family. Though I’ve only been around for a year plus now, there’s absolutely nothing more rewarding than breaking the digital barriers, going offline for two days and actually put a face, put a life on all these bloggers’ URL. Not sure about the other Nuffies, but to me the camp served the x-factor I was looking for when attending events.

I remembered so much, yet so little about the camp because time flew by very fast.

Okaylah, I admit I first came into the seminar hall feeling VERY unhappy. Slept really late the night before, and woke up at 6am the next day. I was grumpy, mimipie and davis just had to be my teammates. The two most energized bunnies in the entire office. I was very close to killing both of them with bare hands, but thankfully after breakfast, I was calm and I decided to make the best out of the camp and appreciated the two jokers J

After much jokes, and teases, I decided to take in things and learn. I took down tons of mental notes. Check out what I’ve learned throughout the 2 days camp. Before that, I would like to credit Phillipe, Serge, Mimi and Mokky Mok for the photos. Thank you guys J

Lesson #1:

DiGi has excellent welfare programs.

I was impressed by the layout of the office and the coffee machines, but was completely sold when Prashan told us about the office having their own ‘travel agent’ where you can request to arrange for both personal and business travelling plans. I love travelling, in fact I travel alot alone. Planning all the travelling sometimes takes so much of my time. Lucky DiGizens! If I were you I’d indulge in it. And oh, they have fresh flowers! Loved this because sometimes, tech companies can get a bit too digital.

Fresh batch of flowers!!

Lesson #2:

Be a better person. And the world will be a better place.

The entire seminar took two days of motivating, and uplifting of our moods. All in all, I think the most important thing to take from the seminar is to just well, essentially be a better person as a whole. Not to say that I have not been, but I think one can never be a better,best person. There are always areas of improvement and if we are not humble enough to accept changes and critics, we will run in circles in life.

Hi, Happy Tim!

Lesson #3:

To connect or not to connect?

My phone makes a polyphonic sound when it rings, the numbers are made of pixels and well it has no 3G nor Wifi connection. My previous phone had at least internet mobile, but it went down the toilet bowl, and I’ve decided not to get a new phone ever since. See the thing about me is that eventhough I’m in the Social Media industry I refuse to succumb to the 1mil population in Malaysia that goes online on both mobile and desktop. Contradicting with my way of life yes, but sometimes I find being connected too much isn’t always a good thing.

I was sort of proven otherwise. Some of the activities that we had to do required mobile connection, and if only I am more susceptible to internet mobile we could have higher chances of winning. DAMNIT.

So life might not require us to be connected all the time, however chances are a lot better for those who are connected, or rather opt to. Unlike me L

Lesson #4:


That’s a scared looking Aaron from DiGi – but still with arms wide open. That’s an overjoyed Rayyan with wider arms wide open. What do they have in common? DiGi. Thanks to DiGi Done Right Camp, Rayyan went home awarded as the best and happiest camper. Who evidently decided to do hugs marathon to everyone he saw right after this shot.

I’ve always applauded DiGi for having among the best marketing, advertising and relations’ strategies (that I know of), and with this camp, they’ve leveled up in their efforts to not just connect us with them in a more humane sense, but also to connect us and other people with more quality, and well also duly reward us for being the brand’s evangelists all this while.

If there is one thing that bloggers should and must take part in is the Done Right Camp. Not only will you get to learn so much, you could also win awesome prizes which in this case was HTC Aria! Instantenously I told Rayyan to download the Goggles Application so that I could try it the next time I see him. HEH.

I know I got this fugly grin thing going on, but trust me this was the happy smile :)

Lesson #5:

If you really sit down and think enough, you'd come up with something. Good or bad. But definitely not terrible. Like this sketch, our team did.

An oh, a nice spot.

Till then,

See you next year!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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happy tim2 is a happy tim2

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