2010 the year that was

This my dear friends is what you call an obligatory year end post. Something that you have absolutely no time to squeeze into your to do list, but kind of necessary because well, it’s kind of prepostorous not to recap whatever happened to your life in a year. That would mean, to summarize as a whole of whatever happened to you in about, 365 days of your life last year. Not quite impossible.
I started the year with skepticism. To leave home, to leave mum, to leave familiarity. See I’ve always loved travelling, and ever since I decided to study in KL about 5 years ago, I’ve learned amazing things that only I would have known. People poke fun of people with wisdom to learn it all sometimes, and people complain about the smallest issues at times, worst, people poke fun at people who are I guess, wants to live an uncertain life. Those who love living towards extremity. They find them too stupid sometimes. Though I have always been a firm believer of modesty, there are times where my extreme days are most remembered and most learned from.
I applied in over 20 companies. 8 got back to me, almost all offering the same positions. I’m thinking, no. I was being very picky yes, and at that time, I was surprised that I did so, that I had all the options and reasons for doing so. When in fact I didn’t have so much options, I applied for Nuffnang as well and was blessed to be offered an interview there.
And within a week, I was offered a job. Besides flipping burgers, twirling soft creams, and I-would-say-a-rather forgivable-absent-minded-actions internship experiences, this will be my first job ever. With a proper position title.

At first just like any other things to get used to, it was no easy way to get used to working life. Staying late, waking up early. Deadlines. I guess I’ve always been the kind of person that observes first and then well, test the waters. I didn’t know where to start, who to ask, how to perform, it all seemed like a huge blur to me. I admit I was struggling. But slowly, as I follow through the pace of some of my colleagues, and other non-negotiable timeline duties, I began to work smarter, harder.
This year, I thank God I was offered such an amazing opportunity and by God have I learned so much. I would not trade it with anything else any other way especially the experience.
Living a rather continuous almost feel like an automated life (at times), one constantly feel the need of a good holiday. And frankly, my passion is in travelling. I love travelling so much that I would spend up so much of my time refreshing these airlines sites. I have this love/ hate relationship with cheap airfares it’s damaging me. Damaging my pocket money too.
So 2010, I decided to go to Jakarta! I know most of us are all talk and no action when it comes to doing stuff, but when it comes to travelling I’d go all crazy. I bought it out of impulse because it was so cheap .

The people there were so friendly, and as most of you guys know a lot of the stuff there are comparitively cheaper (way cheaper) than in Malaysia. Like, how I did both manicure and pedicure for RM30! And had like Karaoke Sessions with Mas. Experienced a couple of Ramadhan days with her family, buka puasa with them and shopped with them. Mas’ parents treated me like a gem, I am blessed. I even taught them how to do the Wondergirls’ Nobody dance, which I am infamous to be part of.

Thanks to sorta being part of the media, earlier in the year I was given the priviledge to interview the gay-legend ‘Adam Lambert’. Not quite sure why everyone calls him a legend, but my instinct tells me that he’d be big. You know, being different and all. The world doesn’t really recognise talents in indie scene so much no matter how hard we try to fight for it (or rather retain that situation), so people like Lambert who used to play-act and then becomes really huge, is well, hugelah to be able to meet. And interview. When I told mum about it she screamed. In. The. Phone.
Didn’t really hit me how lucky I was until I was placed in a room with the Galaxy Editor Gordon, HOT’S Editor Mei Ann and Star Entertainment’s Writer Anne. These veterans have met and interviewed people like Brad Pitt, the cast of Lost, cast of Grey’s Anatomy – it was insane. Talking and listening to what they said about their experience in this industry lit me up. I am blessed, again.

New place!

I don’t think I have nice pictures of the new place I’m staying now, but I know if there’s one thing I am always and very proud of is the fact that I could pay my own rent, my telephone bills and among other things myself. It’s been challenging argueing with my mum the logic behind staying far from home and having to pay all these, mum has the right to so – I mean it’s my first job, how much can I afford everything right? But thankfully, I manage to give mum my monthly share while living moderately. I can’t even explain the things that I learn living by myself. Looking back, I must say I have not once given up on anything. I feel, empowered.
This is my bedroom wall :)

Jessy comes to KL!
It was already hard to juggle between work and play now that my sister is around but I was so excited to squeeze her into my schedule as well. Jessy alone time, at least one day during the weekend. I know, crazy right but I love my sister so much to the extend at times I would go to my cousin’s place and sleep on the floor with her, and her on the bed or vice versa, to just be with her.
And that would also means she being my best buddy to concerts. Paramore’s being the best concert we went. THE BEST. We were headbanging, rocking the crowd with the sweatiest bunch. It was the bomb. I finally knew how it feels like to mosh.

2010 was also the year I finally, finally get to wear the mortar board and the obligatory ‘holding-the-scroll-picture’ all framed up. I graduated from University of South Australia, and I figured what would be best then to actually graduate from there itself, you know throw the mortar board and all with a bunch of angmohs behind me standing around with that gorgeous auditorium behind me, and show mum all the places we hung out when we were there.
Off we went, mum followed me and we were in Melbourne for about a day until we had to leave for Adelaide the next day. Spending time with my mum is just pure bliss. Loved every single bit of it, and mum finally get to see how life was in Adelaide for me. Which was mostly, safe and mundane.

Well, mostly :P
World Cup 2010
I was involved, just as much as everyone else was. I was rooting for Argentina just as I was about 10 years ago. Am glad the Spaniards won, they were the better more consistent team. And yes, I was among the thousands who slept at 6am in the morning and went to work at 8am and came from work feeling beaten up around 7pm the next day. I did not sleep. And I am glad I could tell you this.
Hello-freaking-ween! We had one epic party 2 years ago, and last year’s was no exception. Blogged about it here. It was so epic that there were alot of things/people missing, broken, puked, hurt. The list just goes on.

And I... came as Wonderwoman! Everyone was shocked, I mean yeah I was literally pantsless hiding under this massive cape vrooming around with drinks in my hands when I was entertaining people. My friends were literllay screaming eh wonderwoman! Sara and Linda insisted I have this ‘Wonderwoman Smile’ which till now, I am trying to figure out what is it.
Play #1 – Medea
Most of you would probably have known that I am a fan of live performance. Meaning, theatrical act. Dollar to dollar basis, Aussie sells theatrical shows cheaper than Malaysia’s. I had to buy my first ever one this year for Medea, for about RM35. It was so expensive for me, but it was really good. The background score was among it’s best feature, played by traditional musicians with the traditional musical instruments like kompang and seruling, the whole musical set was really good. I loved it.
My first ever, company trip! In a cruise!

And possibly the best, most loved Christmas I've had. I love my family, and I love my friends.
I’m sure this post doesn’t translate to what my whole of 2010 was. No words can. All in all, I must say that it was a rather ‘learning, trying year’. Really. There were so many things to learn, so many things to pick up, so many things to be courageous of. I had literally, all hands used up everyday. And mistakes, come the most. Mistakes too, took the most out of me.
I admit there are times where I wanted to just give up, and fly back to KK just like that because mum has always been the first, but it would be the stupidest move one could ever make. Running away from problems is not my forte, and will never be.
As I was talking to Audrey, I figured I too had my regrets or dissapointments no matter how hard I try not to think of one you know trying to stay positive all. It being not to stay in touch with some of close friends. I feel powerless because nowadays, everyone’s so busy it’s like we have way less control over time. It sucks.
So there you go. 2010 in highlights rather than summary. I wish 2011 will be better, if not more interesting

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


sara said…
SO proud of you jacqkie!!:)

hang in there, you will reap the rewards. know that im just a slap-on-the-shoulder away!


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