Company Trip '10!

I have never been on a ship before. The idea of travelling around on water never really sparked interest to me, I’m thinking what contentment could it bring? The only thing you’d be looking out is an infinite shades of blue, stretch of grey skies.
Being the last minute traveller that I am (never been proud of this) I began packing only the night before. Okay, make that 3am the morning before I hop into the bus. I was also doing abit of housekeeping, clearing out emails sending out all the necessary reports, wrapping up presents. Every single time I travel to somewhere, I’m scrambling to complete everything on my to do list before I actually flew off, or ride off to somewhere. This time, was no exception.
Manage to get a shut-eye for a good 20 minutes before I run off to take the cab to meet the rest. Before I start, I would like to credit some of the photos besides mine from Fresh – the official photographer!
Singapore, Legend of the Seas
So we reached Singapore *just* in the nick of time to check in. Everyone was practically rushing towards the check in door, the best part? When we finally met up with the Singaporean Team we actually decided to snap a group photo – walking casually towards the check in door when one of the crew member gave us a really long lecture, almost felt like we weren’t allowed to check in to the cruise anymore. We vroomed our way to the ship entrance, and after much huffing and running we finally manage to get in.
Elise was my roomate J A sweetheart who was very caring towards the whole trip, making sure I have everything I needed there.

L-R: Clara, Elise and Me.
The best part about being dumped into a ship with so many of your friends and colleagues altogether is all the exploration and discovery of it.

The open air Swimming Pool/ Jacuzzi


Dining Room

Lounge / Club

We gathered together to play a game called ; 2 truths 1 lie. Everyone had to share their part and expect guesses and answers from the rest of them.
Guess which of mine was a lie :
I have a tatt
I used to have hair that looks like Firdy’s ;
I used to play drums back in high school.Actually all of it was somewhat true, the only difference is – I played drums in primary school and unfortunately didn’t carried through the hobby to high school. Now, I’m old grown up and talentless -_-
The first night itself, I uh, got boozed. Look at those:

Next thing I know the office was talking about a picture of me sleeping like a log on the couch. Haih. Embarassing.
Company trips are possibly the only time where most of us are gathered together. That screams – group discussions! If they’re no healthy discussions about what we do day to day and on our motivations to achieve our goals – life, or working for that matter would be pointless.
All of us have our own goals. Being in the advertising industry, I have learned that there’s almost no time such as slacking time. We have to constantly put on a thinking creative hat and be ready to take on every challenges and requests coming our way. Even at 2.00am in the morning! We woke up around 9am, awesome brunch and head up to meet the rest.
This trip brought alot of firsts in my life. Including my first time in Phuket. And I love every bit of it. The cheap cold beers in my hands. The scorching hot sun with it’s moisty breeze, the buzzing sounds of scooters, the parade of friendly k-nines, the array of colourful people flopped upside down in their even more colourful swimwear, the songs of splashing waves. And, there are so many things about beaches that I love, and unlike normal Sallys I love the messiness of it all. The rare sight in all of these makes me treasure these opportunities even more. The fact that it gets me even tanner than I already am, is something I guess I grew to love about.
Patong Beach

L-R: Sara, David, Linda and Me.
We even let go of some lanterns! Doesn’t matter whether it took me 10 bucks to just uh, “put my arms in mid air for a good 5 seconds, and see it flew up” it was really therapeutic, and well, a first time as well. Of course, the inspiration for this was from Rapunzel. Fell in love with the lighted up skies. Pretty lighted up skies. PRETTY LIGHTED UP SKIES.
Yes I am legal enough, and yes it was my first time entering a casino! I wanted to try the slot machines, so I changed my 5 bucks and Yuen and I were literally waiting, and pulling the slot to erm hoping to see 3 of the same image lined up. You know like a jackpot. Hopefuls we are -_-
By the time it went up to 9 bucks we went a little crazy and refused to give up until it reached the 10 bucks mark. That’s when the evil of gambling strikes, suddenly the money slipped down. We gave up halfway and won a couple of bucks back.
No pictures took though :(
Secret Santa
Right after Phuket, we had our Christmas Exchange gifts :) When everyone shares their gifts with each other and spend a good ol’ quality time. We discovered Apples the Apples, an evil game that encourages people to bicker against each other but of course, a rather healthy practice for people to persuade and convince their sales. Woot!
Apparently I had quite funny arguements, but I forgot all about it.
My Secret Santee was – the really super gorgeous Rina! Guess what, she was MY Secret Santa too!

Formal Night
The one thing that we nuffies are not really erm, quite the awesome in is dressing up in tux and gowns. See we come to office most of the time looking like :

So this was the only time where we put in a position to dress up, a little bit. I didn’t quite like my dress because it was a last minute thing, I manage to grab some stuff for RM30 – yeah, seriously a day before I went to the cruise. So I wrapped myself with some uh, pashmina and I’m kinda done.

I feel really lucky and blessed to be part of this company and this trip. I would never imagine to be doing this, but I did, and with that I get to share with all of you. 2010 was a very challenging year. But kinda thank God all that happened happened, because it puts me into position to look at things and life in a better perspective.

Love and Peace,
Jacqkie @ Jacqueline Rowena


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