New Hair, New Things?

These Christmas songs playing in the background while I sort out some work never fail to make me wander. Beyond simplicity stuff.

Like, how I was just talking to Swee Wei that if she could venture into something else she should do stuff that would exhaust her youth, but of course all these without any regrets. Not to say impossible but it's really unimaginable to be doing the things and follow through the schedules we have today in say, 10 years time. So what's best to experience everything, then to do most when we're young and dandy, giddy and ready?

Sometimes I spend my afternoon day-dreaming of all the travelling I would love to do :) It was my wish in 2009, and travel more shall it be this 2011. I cannot stop myself from resting and dream. I will find my way to travel around. To feel with all my 5 senses of the pretty places around the world.

I need other side projects to work on, something totally new that could inspire me at dire times. Something that will uplift my spirit up on non-chalant days. Which an idea I thought that sometimes I think I'm an absolutely independent person. That I could live without strings not attached to me.

So 2011 is coming while I have always loved to review on how my year went by, especially this one, with almost like a blink of an eye I am particularly disappointed at some of the things that happened this year's. I mean I will not lie, there are times where I'm usually very optimistic about all the downside in life, sometimes you can't help but feel there should be more things you could do about it.


Look! I have a really, really long thick hair. Any suggestions what I should do with it?
Top : Boss Tim
L-R : Wenny & TimTeoh

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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