Company Trip Sneak Peak !

I usually hate teasers but ah what the heck, there are 3 things, I’d like to share in regards to the company trip before I roll out the official blogpost.

Sara uploads photos damn slow. She will probably be doing her “fake hit me” on the arm gesture when she sees this.

My secret santee was the office’s most gorgeous girl, beats the men also ok? Rina! Also the sweetest, because she provides us a lot of housekeeping stuff in the office J But fines us after that if we don’t submit our daily report -_____- Exactly like a mother, tough love.

Throughout the trip we were suppose to be a ‘guardian angel’ to someone, you know making sure the person is always around, safe or err get them... drunk :P and the person I had to guard was... MY BOSS! Hehehehe I have a whole bunch of his photos. Maybe I should do some photoshop and magic with it :P

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


KY said…
what was nick thinking!? lol

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