TM Connects Everyone @ The Curve

Weekends are usually the sabbath days for me and my sister J We head down to the Curve last Sunday for some meatballs only to find out the queue was ridiculously long. It was almost 2PM, and we were desperately hungry. I hate you creamy meatballs L But tonight! I manage to grab some balls with Wendy J It’s really good to be having a company in working this time around.

So, that Sunday noon we eventually grabbed a bite at one of those fusion kopitiams where everything come in sets! Super value for money! Heard about the TM Everyone Connect Birthday Bash happening right smack in the middle of The Curve as well. That place is pretty awesome, they once held an indoor squash competition there. This time around they had like an indoor goal post for some indoor games.

Wasn’t quite sure what Everyone Connects was about at first because well frankly, I’m always so cooped up working in the office or at home that once I’m placed on my seat or my bed, and once I’m connected to the line, nothing else matters.

So basically Everyone Connects is a TM-powered movement for youngsters like you and I who lives and breathes on internet connectivity. It’s like we couldn’t stand being separated from online live updates, that we’d get seizure or have unsettling sleepless nights if we don’t get to kepoh on what everyone’s up to. Trust me, there are people out there who suffer from serious Internet connection withdrawal and they almost always have to stay connected, job scope or obsession wise. Which reminds me of The Social Network, the movie in connection with Facebook, not entirely about it.

Now I just have one question, how does Manchester United sponsor Everyone Connects?
I must have missed out this bit. O.O

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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