It's a pretty cold night.

A tinge of Arthritis. First night since Adelaide that I'm having this sudden jolt of pain on my left elbow. Not quite sure whether it's the same as the real arthritis as well, cause I know these things are quite severe. I don't think mine is. Cold.

Did you met pirate? :'( He's no longer at home with me. I became quite emotional thinking about him leaving us as I was away from him last night. I've only loved him for a day, and I've already grown to love him so much. Which got me thinking, is this how it feels like to be a parent of an item, to love someone, something so much?

Mum's coming KL next Friday. I am so excited to make it a good one for her, but am also worried with all the work limitations. Heck, I might even be bringing my laptop all over. Oh and I have this weird habit of watching my loved ones sleeping. You know those cliche lyrics like how they don't want to close their eyes so that they don't miss out that moment kinda thing (okaylah it was I Don't Want to Miss a Thing) I actually find it realistic because I actually do look and analyze my loved ones when they're sleeping next to me :/

On a Sunday night, I'm going to have my Friend's Marathon!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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