I bought tickets to...

Because mum's allowing me to use her CC till mid 2012 ; THANK YOU MUMMY, thank you AirAsia ! Now let's see who could guess it right - where I'm heading to :)

*Pictures are NOT mine. Courtesy of some Flickr's users. I'm so sorry I terexited the window when I tried to hyperlink your username :( Comment here if you ever stumble upon this post.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


KY said…
I'm going HK too!!! :D :D :D
ItoMaki said…
My guess is HK or China. n_n
JC said…
Ahyoo Jacqkie! Isn't it quite obvious that you are going to HK? Hahaha! Wanna bring me along? I can help you to carry your bags =D

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