Apa Kaba Guesthouse @ Jalan Chan Koon Cheng Melaka

When I told mummy that we will be staying at a backpackers' lodge in Melaka last weekend - she gave me a death stare. I knew she wouldn't like the idea of cramping everyone in a small room with one general bathroom.
Confirmed upon reaching, we had to look for another place besides the one that I booked, thankfully enough, the new place that we found was very near to our place which was about 3 minutes walk. Mum fell in love with it's homeliness and most importantly it's attached bathroom. While mum managed to get herself a room there, the boys, my cousins and I cramped in the youth hostel lodge that I booked. And met the friendly houseguard, Raj.
All of us fell in love with Apa Kaba. The family that ran the business was kind and helpful, very friendly too. The uncle warmed up to Daren and Kent almost immediately, within minutes they started throwing racist jokes at each other already.

I don't usually like homestay so much, because there's always a certain restriction imposed on you. Like how they lock the gates at certain hours, or you're "not allowed" to make too much noise when you're at the lounge. This was no exception..

I love backpackers and youth hostels because they're, simply put, exciting. Whenever people I travel with show signs of discomfort when they're in a big group of strangers or when sharing dorms or anything similar, I make mental notes to avoid travelling with them. Of course this comes with a great deal of judgement who these other tourists are, but more often than not we're so obsessed in having the perfect vacation we forget that part and parcel of an interesting holiday are the funny stories and random things that come along with it. Whiners are absolutely fatal to me. That is why I never minded travelling alone, all my life I have done my share of travelling alone.
I absolutely love this patio. It’s as relaxing as it looks like. I absolutely love this kind of getaway. Simple but it nourishes the soul. Gives you back perspectives in life, teaches you a lot of patience, and calms you down when you’re running at an ungodly speed.
It’s such a nice place and I recommend you to pay it a visit should you come down to Melaka J

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


bunnz4u said…
hi.. im also looking for a guest house in Malacca. Might be visiting on March and hopefully to get ahead of a room to stay only for a night since I am travelling back to Singapore. Would you mind helping me out how to contact Apa Kaba. Is it the name of the house. I hope for your warmest response soon..

Thanks to this blog. A big help really.

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