And everything in between a busy schedule

I know life never goes according to plan, and even though we try our very best to make sure some elements in our life should go according to plan, for some strange reason life has it’s own twists and turns. So here’s to the year's remains and...

To planning my 2011!

Mummy and Aunty Moun paid us a visit last week, and I’ve always been that kind of daughter who tries a little too hard when it comes to spending time with my family when they’re around. I spoiled my sister a little too much sometimes, but she makes it up to me by being very independent nowadays. She manages her own public transport, her own walkabouts.

I’m proud J

This time around when mummy told me she wanted to go Melaka, I jumped at the idea and said yes to it without considering other million and one things around me. I have always been busy with work, so I told her that I would make all the necessary arrangements, all these while prioritizing on spending time with my family.

I even brought my laptop down Melaka, and worked late night on a Saturday while everyone was already sound asleep J It was a pleasant surprise indeed when I found out that it was my Aunty Moun’s first time down to Melaka and it was ages ago since Mum was there. So all the more reason to go!

I rented an MPV which costed about RM300 a day, it was in an excellent condition – spacious enough to move 8 of us around. I had a better deal before that, when early in the morning, just right before we were suppose to take the car, the man told me that the car (so conveniently) had problems so it wasn’t safe for us to use it. Blegh. I was trying to stay positive all the time, you know how travelling can be so stressful at times. I decided to just rent another car which was of course slightly more expensive.

ApaKaba GuestHouse

Slept at a colourful backpackers lodge.

And had crazy loads of food.

November has been fun. But it also constantly reminds me of what I should be planning for next year as I’ve become more aware of how I would like to see my days go by nowadays. I want to be able to maximize, optimize my days. I would like to remember the greatest things that’s ever happened to me when I look back at the year. *thinks hard*

The girls are like a bundle of joy. They make me say the darndest things, I make them say the darndest things. I like the first picture a lot because I don’t have any makeup in it and it’s still nice J Very Au Naturel.

On a Sunday noon ;

If there’s no one more semangat than you to plan a gathering or a party, or among other things – you will never have these kind of memorable photos.

My office is organizing a secret santa, should I have one among my close friends before I leave for KK for Christmas?

Goodnite. I shall have another good weekend! J

Going off to TM Everyone Connects event this Sunday. COMELAAA!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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