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It's Friday night, and I'm at the office at 11PM working

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thank you kind people, your thoughts are more precious

Mum's always a favourite of fantasy movies :) I wish I could bring her to watch Narnia - the first time we ever watched it was in Genting I think, and mum fell in love with it. Sigh. I miss you mummy - when I'm back for holiday I'll watch all kinds of movies with you okay? *kiss* And yes, the girl here still looks like you Jessy.
Today I posted on my Facebook asking whether there are people out there who would lend me their phone, cause well', I dropped mine into the toilet bowl the other day :( You know what makes me happier? People's replies. I honestly, sincerely did not expect this :)
Thanks kind people. You guys will go far in life.

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

TM Connects Everyone @ The Curve

Weekends are usually the sabbath days for me and my sister J We head down to the Curve last Sunday for some meatballs only to find out the queue was ridiculously long. It was almost 2PM, and we were desperately hungry. I hate you creamy meatballs L But tonight! I manage to grab some balls with Wendy J It’s really good to be having a company in working this time around.So, that Sunday noon we eventually grabbed a bite at one of those fusion kopitiams where everything come in sets! Super value for money! Heard about the TM Everyone ConnectBirthday Bash happening right smack in the middle of The Curve as well. That place is pretty awesome, they once held an indoor squash competition there. This time around they had like an indoor goal post for some indoor games. Wasn’t quite sure what Everyone Connects was about at first because well frankly, I’m always so cooped up working in the office or at home that once I’m placed on my seat or my bed, and once I’m connected to the line, nothing els…

Which group are you in?

...because I know which one's I'm in.

Love & peace,Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

And everything in between a busy schedule

I know life never goes according to plan, and even though we try our very best to make sure some elements in our life should go according to plan, for some strange reason life has it’s own twists and turns. So here’s to the year's remains and... To planning my 2011!Mummy and Aunty Moun paid us a visit last week, and I’ve always been that kind of daughter who tries a little too hard when it comes to spending time with my family when they’re around. I spoiled my sister a little too much sometimes, but she makes it up to me by being very independent nowadays. She manages her own public transport, her own walkabouts. I’m proud JThis time around when mummy told me she wanted to go Melaka, I jumped at the idea and said yes to it without considering other million and one things around me. I have always been busy with work, so I told her that I would make all the necessary arrangements, all these while prioritizing on spending time with my family. I even brought my laptop down Melaka, and…

I love you muhibah boys

Sometimes I wonder why hanging out with boys seem a lot more easier than hanging out with some girls. Some girls are often twisted and emotionally unstable. They're like lose cannons, and they have all kinds of hidden motives. They write and say things cryptically. They pack in groups. Best part, I know I'm just about the same but figuratively, positive and positive don't usually go the best. While men just blatantly say things out loud, even if it hurts you. I don't know if it's a good thing, but I know I love these three amongst the few :)
Picture credits to CarolynFoo and Kathlyn
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Apa Kaba Guesthouse @ Jalan Chan Koon Cheng Melaka

When I told mummy that we will be staying at a backpackers' lodge in Melaka last weekend - she gave me a death stare. I knew she wouldn't like the idea of cramping everyone in a small room with one general bathroom. Confirmed upon reaching, we had to look for another place besides the one that I booked, thankfully enough, the new place that we found was very near to our place which was about 3 minutes walk. Mum fell in love with it's homeliness and most importantly it's attached bathroom. While mum managed to get herself a room there, the boys, my cousins and I cramped in the youth hostel lodge that I booked. And met the friendly houseguard, Raj. All of us fell in love with Apa Kaba. The family that ran the business was kind and helpful, very friendly too. The uncle warmed up to Daren and Kent almost immediately, within minutes they started throwing racist jokes at each other already.
I don't usually like homestay so much, because there's always a certain restri…

I want to go to

1. Redang 2. Mumbai 3. Langkawi
Let's make this happen Jacqkie. *chants
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I bought tickets to...

Because mum's allowing me to use her CC till mid 2012 ; THANK YOU MUMMY, thank you AirAsia ! Now let's see who could guess it right - where I'm heading to :)

*Pictures are NOT mine. Courtesy of some Flickr's users. I'm so sorry I terexited the window when I tried to hyperlink your username :( Comment here if you ever stumble upon this post.
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Happy anniversary

I wrote a freaking long blogpost, only to find out later that I didn't save it in draft. DAMN IT. Happy anniversary fei zhai.

Fei Poh

It's a pretty cold night.

A tinge of Arthritis. First night since Adelaide that I'm having this sudden jolt of pain on my left elbow. Not quite sure whether it's the same as the real arthritis as well, cause I know these things are quite severe. I don't think mine is. Cold.
Did you met pirate? :'( He's no longer at home with me. I became quite emotional thinking about him leaving us as I was away from him last night. I've only loved him for a day, and I've already grown to love him so much. Which got me thinking, is this how it feels like to be a parent of an item, to love someone, something so much?
Mum's coming KL next Friday. I am so excited to make it a good one for her, but am also worried with all the work limitations. Heck, I might even be bringing my laptop all over. Oh and I have this weird habit of watching my loved ones sleeping. You know those cliche lyrics like how they don't want to close their eyes so that they don't miss out that moment kinda thing (okayl…

Super Pizza with 6 Super Powers!

Last day of the week's luncheons are usually spoiled. Last week's was no exception.
Meet Captain Cheese :)
Mmmmmmm. 6 types of Cheese. I personally like Cheddar the most. That is if I get the right cheese correctly - you know after it's all slopped and blobbed all together you can't really tell. Cheddar is a bit orangey.

..and we have a new HOUSEMATE! Trying to convince Kent to call it Pirate because of... ;)

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Halloween 2010 @ Ascott Apartment

Firstly, thank you for coming to the Ascott’s Halloween Party 2010 – it was crazy awesome. Secondly, I would like to credit Chung Wei and Yuen for the photos :)Thank you to those who are good sports and making this year’s an awesome one, memorable too I hope. *winkUnlike last year’s, I knew what I wanted to come as 2 months before the party. I was THAT excited. See the thing about being the organizer is that your costume has to be memorable. It doesn’t have to have the most effort put on, it just has to be a little bit more extravaganza than the rest. So this year, no matter how of a fat blob I thought I will look like I wanted to become ; When you’re working, it’s almost impossible to find the time to find the right outfit to be able to piece all of them together. It was either these 3 :1. Lady Statue of Liberty 2. Wonderwoman - winner 3. Princess Fiona Shrek
Party started around 9PM when Sara Khoo, Linda Khoo and Chung Wei started pouring in. Here’s Ricky – one of the nominee for be…