While I still have the urge to type last night out by bits

When you put a bunch of adrenaline rush junkies in a VIP area where all you meet are (what seemed like) a bunch of famous people, mix it with the free flow of alcohol concoctions, sweet ones I might add, jumble them up with drop dead gorgeous urbanites equipped with their absolute love for parties and socialising - you get, a pretty much scandalous night. Think plenty of upskirts, and you're not supposed to make out with me kinda scenes.

Like how bestfriend Khoo ended up on stage again, this time infront of possibly about 4, 000 people. Doing his MJ square dance. It was really good to see him again. Missed him terribly. Or like how your drunk good friend kept looking at you, like he's undressing you, layer by layer, piece by piece. Over, and over again. Oh God.

And how you almost fell (face first, ass jutting out second) thrice at the same spot. You know what the drunkards always question, WHY ARE THERE STAIRS HERE?! Really, at an event like this people should be allowed to take lifts, elevators because stairs just seem non-existent, visible rather, to us.

I'm sorry I went missing for a good hour. I was caught up rooting for Khoo on stage.

But before all of you speculate that I was this drunk, throwing tantrums at waiter or gotten chummy with friend A party-goer throughout the night, (un)fortunately, I didn't, am not mostly. In fact, I was among the sober ones and managed to stay poise with just that right level of high throughout the night.

I'm not sure when I'll retire from this lifestyle. Like how you always insist that that particular diet would be the real deal this time, but no... you're munching on Cheezels at 11PM again. Shit, get back to issue.

Dawn Yang, Fay Hokulani were there. There were so many familiar faces. So, so many. But I couldn't put their names on their faces. I remembered them vaguely as acquaintances, not even so actually.

I think I just described Hartistry in words, without pictures. Not nice ey?
And then comes this Saturday again. I need time to crash and burn. Seriously.

What are you guys coming as?

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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