Dear Mum,

I have such nice perks in this industry, I would like to confess and righteously admit that. I am very thankful to my office. Things that I thought were once myth or could only hoped for is slowly happening.



"No one, is as lucky as us. We're not at the end."- Paramore


A gigantic box full of Kotex WOW Trial Pads, courtesy of Kotex of course.


A bag full of Adidas Toiletries for the two boys who has loved and appreciated my friendship, regardless of everything.


5 days of absolutely computer-free holiday.

Mum, I am counting my blessings :)
Thank you for allowing me to experience these.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Daryl said…
PARAMORE!!!...I heard they were beyond awesome...!! They rocked the stage completely...!! Sadly...I didn't manage to go though...

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