I'm going to Paramore Live in KL - October 19

I'm in a dilemma.

Two people (baby Jessica and baby Daren) I love so much would kill me, if I would tell them that I got the tickets to another awesome concert. Yes, friends and foes ;

Tune Talk mobile prepaid presents PARAMORE live in Kuala Lumpur!

Some little birdie told me that Fernandez is gonna be like Branson, where Tune Talk will be opening their own studio records! I don't know how far true that is, but it's good news to local musicians around! :) Hint, hint Rosevelt! *love

Anyway, Paramore's been a great dynamic to MTV nowadays. Pretty edgy, with a female lead and I'd say they have a pretty good mix of rock and ballad. Frankly, I'm a rock music noob - but I know a good music when I hear one. I can't get technical with what all the rock terms - because quite frankly I don't know any. I first heard about Paramore a couple of years ago, when they were featured on MTV. I remembered the video was - Misery Business, and I didn't quite like it at first simply cause I thought they were one of those bands that has err, mediocre lady vocalist with a strong drum number.

Then I saw Hayley's Kings of Leon acoustic version on Youtube and was proven wrong :)

Details :

National Stadium Bukit Jalil
8.30PM onwards
October 19, 2010

Anyway if you guys are keen to join with me for the concert (seriously, grab this opportunity asap before the tickets are sold out) here's how :

Tickets are available online from AirAsiaRedTix and TicketPro, as well as over the counter at Rock Corner and TicketPro outlets nearby you!

Enjoy 10% discount on all ticket categories purchased from September 1 - September 15! Other details on the concert head to RockThisJoint ! September 15 is like, THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!

TuneTalk Subscribers and even new ones, will enjoy the 20% rebate in TuneTalk airtime! TuneTalk will also be giving out over 1, 000 complimentary tickets for the Rock Zone (ahem, ahem yours truly), which is right infront of the stage. Awesome!

Thanks in advance for the experience TuneTalk ;

Frankly, I've already decided on who to bring to when I first saw the invitation ;

Jessy & Daren themselves.

I'm not going because they deserve these tickets more than I do, because they're a true blue fan as compared to I am :)

Now let's see what they say! *love

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


So kind of u.. I mean, not going to the concert becse of others.. Bagus oh u.. loves
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Serena: <3 It's for them! :)
THEM r so lucky.. <3
Daryl said…
Paramore rocks BIG time...!! I'm dying to go for the concert too...Jacqkie...but one problem though...hahahah...Tickets for the concert are rather expensive though...,the cheapest ticket i heard so far is about RM98...and that's away from the stage...hahahah...You don't happen to have free passes for the concert...Would you...??
Jacqkie Rowena said…

I do have free passes but I only have two - suited for my sister and me! :)
Daryl said…
Jacqkie>> Awwh...oh well worth a shot though...Hahahah...hmmm...is there any other way to get the tickets besides through tune talk mobile...??
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Daryl :

Try Galaxy and Axcess :) They usually sell concert tickets for all types of concert!

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