Happy photos :)

Slept at 4am today for Audrey's birthday :) - not the worst kind of days I've had, trust me. Reached home at 7am once, and left for something else at 8am - and only came back at about 9PM. Wellll....... that's another thing.

After that, woke up at about 9am for some work, and then head to Church. Reach home feeling deflated, with some uneasy feeling in my stomach, watched My Sister's Keeper simply cause my sister has been bugging me to watch that - and just when I thought I could have a bit of a nap (crying was damn tiring okay *sigh ), my sister asked me to "go jogging" with her.

I was like. Psshh.

10 minutes later, I was scrambling for some track pants and socks.
And had a good time jogging / exercising with her :)

You know what this means?

I am secretly an adrenaline rush junkie.

Eventhough at most times I try to domesticate myself with some "housework" or find all sorts of things, books to keep me occupied at night - for some really weird reason I crave to do something more up and about the next day. It's like - a compensation for a lazy day or something. HELP. I need some kind of tranquiliser or something.

Not quite sure whether it really does help, or psychologically - I think my days move a lot more faster when my nights and days are fully occupied. I have been juggling between these needs and wants that are too often associated with one's lifestyle.

That aside, meeting Audrey with the rest of the gang was, is, and will always be a joy. I love seeing everyone hanging around with each other together. It sincerely brings joy to my heart - as I always see friendship and gatherings in a bigger picture, I think gatherings are vitamins to a good friendship/ relationship.

Then Khoo told me that he wants to plan a Halloween party - I said yes immediately! Since we both, a bunch from my side and a bunch from his will be helping out (bringing their friends as well) I really hope this one SHOULD be the bomb. Almost no reason not to.

Left is, what will my costume this year be?! Since I was Lady Gaga last year, I think Imma have to think real hard this time. Pffh.

Okay weekend's up - work tomorrow :)

Before that, here are some happy photos for you!

Kent and I @ Hennessy Artistry Mist, September 18

Kent: What time does the free flow closes?
Me: 11PM. *shows handphone time to him - 10.45PM*

Me, mummy and Jessy in the car camwhoring with Jessy's new camera! :)
My all time favourite girls. I love you both so much :*

Nenek Saerah's Open House - goodness me kids are getting taller than me nowadays. My glory days have passed :( I'm gonna be 157cm for the rest of my life!

This is the doctor (err, sometimes known as my brother) putting on mummy's wig. He thinks he's that guy from Step Up 3D -______-

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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