Are You Moist Enough?

I'm a firm believer of the statement that you can be sexy even without showing much. Fact is, even with this entry when I needed to support this post with some skin showing pictures - I could hardly find any of "skin showing pictures" of mine :(

Besides just showing,

1. The customary neck skin
2. Forearm skin for wearing errr, just short sleeves
3. Abiiiiiiiiiiiiiit of cleavage (I used to wear really low low cuts- but I grew out of the phase already!!!!)

I'm pretty much closed up right to my neck. Legs. Face.

For my birthday, I'm gonna rig up a celebration for myself even if I'd be partially working ;) I'm gonna slap on all the Vaseline in the world that I'd be getting - and get all glowy and pretty for that night. I think I deserve it. Birthday girls and guys deserve it don't they?

I admit, most of the time my skin's on hiding is because I have terrible terrible skin (also shy). They're super dry :( and thanks to my laziness - it gets worst by the day of course.

With the best four variants for all types of skin out there, Vaseline would probably help in yours and my skin problem; Total Moisture, Healthy White, Intensive Rescue and Aloe Cool Fresh.

Best place to slap on Vaseline?


Vaseline's among the most practical skin solution ever - contrary to popular belief instead of just for the lips - Vaseline is definitely for your legs, arms, your face - pretty much everywhere :) Made out of petroleum jelly it gives 10 times moisturisation now! Something I'd probably really really could use to.

So my best picture of skin goes to *drum rolls* none other than my much loved girls:


Picture courtesy of JoshuaOng!
Thank you Joshua :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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