After dark

Murakami argued that everything happens after dark.

Love, sex, drugs, party... well life at it's treacherous.

At this tender age of 22, I couldn't help but agree to that more. While the worst of the days (as we always presume) begin in the morning, I realised all the reasons that could possibly compliment this arguement whereby until we lead a more balance lifestyle with the right daily dose of night and day could we then begin to lead another day from the cycle with a-bit of positivity that drives us to give our best the next day.

Upon achievement of all things we did during the day, we decide to give ourselves some sort of a pat on the back. Like say catch a movie, a pack of Cheezels, a couple of hours of games, gym - all sorts of leeway before we end the day. Then as guilt surrounds our very being for staying up later than we should - we snuggle in. Then there comes the sun. As our body naturally is well rested in it's comfort zone - it's disobedience towards moving frustrates the mind. We conclude again. Then we hate the morning again. Suddenly, the 5 minutes walk to the train is ridiculous again. The to-do-list became longer again. Unachievable.

And it's 6pm again. And we smiled.

We pick up the dancing shoes. We colour our faces again.
What is it about the dark, or the night that excites every bone in our body - the temporary happiness, the suggestive ideas, the awesome lights, the never-ending (what seem) conversations.

It has affected me in so many ways.
This whole night, day and after dark mind-trick.

Made me think I could conquer the world at night, but slaps me with the craziest of reality in the morning. Crumbles all greatest desires, dreams. Suddenly the phone bill's here, then work's piling, then sister needs this, then house rent's here.

Can't wait for the night again :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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