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Happy photos :)

Slept at 4am today for Audrey's birthday :) - not the worst kind of days I've had, trust me. Reached home at 7am once, and left for something else at 8am - and only came back at about 9PM. Wellll....... that's another thing.
After that, woke up at about 9am for some work, and then head to Church. Reach home feeling deflated, with some uneasy feeling in my stomach, watched My Sister's Keeper simply cause my sister has been bugging me to watch that - and just when I thought I could have a bit of a nap (crying was damn tiring okay *sigh ), my sister asked me to "go jogging" with her.
I was like. Psshh.
10 minutes later, I was scrambling for some track pants and socks. And had a good time jogging / exercising with her :)
You know what this means?
I am secretly an adrenaline rush junkie.
Eventhough at most times I try to domesticate myself with some "housework" or find all sorts of things, books to keep me occupied at night - for some really weird reason I cra…

Are You Moist Enough?

I'm a firm believer of the statement that you can be sexy even without showing much. Fact is, even with this entry when I needed to support this post with some skin showing pictures - I could hardly find any of "skin showing pictures" of mine :(
Besides just showing,
1. The customary neck skin 2. Forearm skin for wearing errr, just short sleeves 3. Abiiiiiiiiiiiiiit of cleavage (I used to wear really low low cuts- but I grew out of the phase already!!!!)
I'm pretty much closed up right to my neck. Legs. Face.
For my birthday, I'm gonna rig up a celebration for myself even if I'd be partially working ;) I'm gonna slap on all the Vaseline in the world that I'd be getting - and get all glowy and pretty for that night. I think I deserve it. Birthday girls and guys deserve it don't they?
I admit, most of the time my skin's on hiding is because I have terrible terrible skin (also shy). They're super dry :( and thanks to my laziness - it gets worst by …

Let's have a date!

Cheers to public holiday!

Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I'm going to Paramore Live in KL - October 19

I'm in a dilemma.
Two people (baby Jessica and baby Daren) I love so much would kill me, if I would tell them that I got the tickets to another awesome concert. Yes, friends and foes ;
Tune Talk mobile prepaid presents PARAMORE live in Kuala Lumpur!
Some little birdie told me that Fernandez is gonna be like Branson, where Tune Talk will be opening their own studio records! I don't know how far true that is, but it's good news to local musicians around! :) Hint, hint Rosevelt! *love
Anyway, Paramore's been a great dynamic to MTV nowadays. Pretty edgy, with a female lead and I'd say they have a pretty good mix of rock and ballad. Frankly, I'm a rock music noob - but I know a good music when I hear one. I can't get technical with what all the rock terms - because quite frankly I don't know any. I first heard about Paramore a couple of years ago, when they were featured on MTV. I remembered the video was - Misery Business, and I didn't quite like it at fir…

Hennessy Artistry Sept '10 @ Mist Club Bangsar

Here's what happened during the last Hennessy Artistry;
BFF Justin went on stage, half drunked - he danced and pranced with MC Flizzow. And we couldn't find him after that, and what happened then onwards was er, uncertain. Next morning, we received a message saying that he is at home safe and sound, and that his phone broke into 6. Six? It was a crazy night alright.

I love Hennessy Artistry's installments simply 'cause it's one of the poshest party around with the prettiest party people. Snap snap, everyone's on their best dress. With the best visual mix and with the awesome lighting innovation around - it's pretty much like you're partying under the sky of bright neon lights.
Besides, I heard there will be new set of mix range ; Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Berry and Hennessy Citrus! Can't wait to try them!

Mist Club, Bangsar Saturday September 18
I especially love the music as well. One of the best mix around perfect for soci…

I'll be home for Raya!

Bring 'em fattening food, cookies!
I'll be home this weekend with my mummy, sisi and abang! Love!

"Why didn't you take leave on Monday?!, got more holidays!" "3 days is more than enough if you spend it wisely." "Word." "It's not the duration, it's the quality time spent together"
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

After dark

Murakami argued that everything happens after dark.
Love, sex, drugs, party... well life at it's treacherous.

At this tender age of 22, I couldn't help but agree to that more. While the worst of the days (as we always presume) begin in the morning, I realised all the reasons that could possibly compliment this arguement whereby until we lead a more balance lifestyle with the right daily dose of night and day could we then begin to lead another day from the cycle with a-bit of positivity that drives us to give our best the next day.
Upon achievement of all things we did during the day, we decide to give ourselves some sort of a pat on the back. Like say catch a movie, a pack of Cheezels, a couple of hours of games, gym - all sorts of leeway before we end the day. Then as guilt surrounds our very being for staying up later than we should - we snuggle in. Then there comes the sun. As our body naturally is well rested in it's comfort zone - it's disobedience towards moving fr…