Hot & Wet

If there's any kind of weather I'm most uncomfortable in... it's the drizzles.
Not the thunderstorm kind, nor the cats and dogs kind, neither the extremely hot and sticky kind.
It's the DRIZZLING kind.


Cause it's freaking neither here nor there. Wet abit, sweating abit. Sticky hair. Half wet shirt. It's so confusing and uncomfortable :(

But thanks to great company, the 5 hours was worth it :)

Guy behind's pretty cute ;)

Look at Katy Perry's props!!!!

One point at night for I kissed a Girl she had two lady gingys complete with their nippies! Haha. Seriously cute. I would love to have that massive gingys infront of my house.

Hmm, something like housekeepers.

I was pleasantly surprised at Bunkface's performance. Excellent showmanship, pretty good music. I'm even Youtubing their music now to learn more. Guess there must be a reason why they're in the line up ey :)

Thanks Channel X!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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