I see cobwebs around my blog.

Anyhoo, I’m getting sick and tired of complaining about my busy life. Though it’s rather obvious in my lack of updates on all my social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Blog ; I refuse to bow down to negativity!

A couple of weeks back, the Malaysian office and Singaporean office had an awesome game of laser tag! Wee! To be frank, I am such a noob when it comes to shooting games, or rather aiming. Thanks to my astig, I have to freaking wear my glasses on the battlefield. Like damn sad right, kept putting up my glasses when aiming for target.

Briefing to the team before the game.

Well, there’s nothing to boast. Really, my team got fourth place. OUT OF FOUR.

So this post will be some sort of commercial of everything. Oh please dont do those rolls eyes on me, everyone’s doing some sort of branding these days it’s just a matter whether they’d like to admit it or not. So here goes ;

The sister and I are going to MTV World Stage thanks to Celcom! No seriously, thank you J Initially plan not to go but since this would be my sister’s ever first concert or something like that, am coming just for her as an early birthday present as well. Though it’s not any chaffeured VIP passes, am pretty sure she’s as grateful!

Why does my sister wanna go?

Cause she’s performing!

Fingers crossed she’s a good performer as she is a good entertainer on the small screen! For those who are interested in getting these free passes, head to the Xpax Facebook Page; here and play their games!

Okay mou?

In the strangest conjunction with an LG Cookie Monster Party, I will be performing a rather cute dance. *dies* It was, actually is a struggle for me to pull this off as I’m naturally not that cute and all that L but you know what there’s always a first time, and now I love the dance! My body reacts to song everytime I hear it!

Dance to what song?!

Let’s just say you’re gonna have to wait for picture updates both on my Facebook or on Twitter :P

Clue : Korean band (you sure know wan edila!)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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