Heineken is one drink I don't say no to

Possibly the best, and my favourite beer from the entire world.

I love Heineken simply because of it's taste, though most argue that Heineken is the lightest lager. Well, which brings back to what drinking to me should be like.

Light and sweet. Something that doesn't shoot right up at the first sip, and has great taste from foamy touch to the last gulp. Yeah, what am I preaching about beer here then right? Yes, I'm a Lychee Martini person but Heineken is probably the next best to cocktails, and to some girls - beers are just intolerable, but most can take Heineken :)

Anyway, so many events going on this weekend.


I should duplicate myself and attend all these events. Not just that, my closest friends are coming down to KL as well. HELP. Am juggling everything between work, play and relationships.

Heineken Green Room is happening this weekend, woot! Tickets can be obtained from door sales priced at RM48 and above :)

Other than that rock bands like The Rapture and LapSap Show will be there. Frankly, if I were to realllllllllllllly choose. I would choose to go to Heineken besides any. More of my kind of my music, choose choose choose.

Have fun!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


So true. I love heineken too. smooth n easy to drink. n_n

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