And may Vancouver treats you well

As I scramble around looking for things to give you as a farewell gift, I saw my name card. Everyone has their humble beginnings. You were part of mine.

When I first came to KL expecting, and not knowing anything what a private college's class would be like - YOU, not only eventually became the best tutor I've ever worked with, but you also became one of the closest friend any of us could ever asked for.

I was never certain of a lot of things in life back then, but listening to you preaching about life when I first entered reminded me of how absorbent, fond my mind was of your way of life and how you look at things in life.

You are different.
You remember our names, our stories, our luncheons, our dinners, our sorrows.
You friggin' add us on Facebook, you talk to us, you share with us.
You never taught us, you worked with us.
You love us fairly, you appreciate us equally.

There are so many types of yous I've met in my entire life, but nothing came close. There's something personable, sincere and kind about the way you genuinely want to know about our life.

I pray your family will do great in Canada. Home is where your heart is, it doesn't matter where tide brings you as long as your pillar of love and hope surrounds you :)

Thanks for being an inspiration, Indy.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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