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MTV World Stage 2010

Yeap, I'm going to this year's MTV World Stage!
This year's MTV World Stage is sponsored byCELCOM XPAX!
Guess who's performing?
Nolah, just kidding. 15 minutes of fame is up. This Saturday Sunway Surf Beach will be rocking out cause the Wondergirls are here! Not only they are the highlight, Katy Perry and Tokio Hotel will be performing as well! WEEEEEEEEEEEE. Awesome concert, thanks Channel X ! :) :) :) :)
Nobodeh nobodeh but youu *clap clap*. Please check out the videos of us performing that has been surfacing everywhere in the internet now. /shy

I'll be bringing my camera so I can take loads of pictures! Weeeeee! It will kick start at about 6pm, and the after party is at :
Venue : Sunway Surf Beach Time : 31st July 2010 , 6PM
Are you ready to rock?! This weekend's gonna be awesome, I can feel it :)
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Heineken is one drink I don't say no to

Possibly the best, and my favourite beer from the entire world.

I love Heineken simply because of it's taste, though most argue that Heineken is the lightest lager. Well, which brings back to what drinking to me should be like.
Light and sweet. Something that doesn't shoot right up at the first sip, and has great taste from foamy touch to the last gulp. Yeah, what am I preaching about beer here then right? Yes, I'm a Lychee Martini person but Heineken is probably the next best to cocktails, and to some girls - beers are just intolerable, but most can take Heineken :)
Anyway, so many events going on this weekend.
I should duplicate myself and attend all these events. Not just that, my closest friends are coming down to KL as well. HELP. Am juggling everything between work, play and relationships.
Heineken Green Room is happening this weekend, woot! Tickets can be obtained from door sales priced at RM48 and above :)
Other than that rock bands like The Rapture and LapSap Sh…

And may Vancouver treats you well

As I scramble around looking for things to give you as a farewell gift, I saw my name card. Everyone has their humble beginnings. You were part of mine.

When I first came to KL expecting, and not knowing anything what a private college's class would be like - YOU, not only eventually became the best tutor I've ever worked with, but you also became one of the closest friend any of us could ever asked for.
I was never certain of a lot of things in life back then, but listening to you preaching about life when I first entered reminded me of how absorbent, fond my mind was of your way of life and how you look at things in life.
You are different. You remember our names, our stories, our luncheons, our dinners, our sorrows. You friggin' add us on Facebook, you talk to us, you share with us. You never taught us, you worked with us. You love us fairly, you appreciate us equally.
There are so many types of yous I've met in my entire life, but nothing came close. There's somet…

Beat Boxing for the Win! (no, really)

That said' bloggerrsssss, can you beat box for some ka-ching?
All you have to do is just beat box your way through like the pouty peanut in this site and you could win some serious awesome stuff.
I'm talking about some iPaddddd yo! (fail rapper?)

Everyone's welcome except rappers heeee. Actually, you guys are most likely to win so hurry up before contest ends man, seriously.
Oh yeah, last Saturday I performed Wondergirls' Nobody Nobody. I kinda missed those stressed cute moments now where I'm dancing to look sexy + cute. And trying hard to juggle between work and dance, fuh.
Pictures from the rest of the bloggers and colleagues after this post! :) *pinky promise*
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I see cobwebs around my blog.

Anyhoo, I’m getting sick and tired of complaining about my busy life. Though it’s rather obvious in my lack of updates on all my social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Blog ; I refuse to bow down to negativity! A couple of weeks back, the Malaysian office and Singaporean office had an awesome game of laser tag! Wee! To be frank, I am such a noob when it comes to shooting games, or rather aiming. Thanks to my astig, I have to freaking wear my glasses on the battlefield. Like damn sad right, kept putting up my glasses when aiming for target. Briefing to the team before the game. Well, there’s nothing to boast. Really, my team got fourth place. OUT OF FOUR. So this post will be some sort of commercial of everything. Oh please dont do those rolls eyes on me, everyone’s doing some sort of branding these days it’s just a matter whether they’d like to admit it or not. So here goes ; The sister and I are going to MTV World Stage thanks to Celcom! No seriously, thank you J Initially plan…