Say hello to my best friends:

The ones that I've been clinging onto for the past four years.

The ones that I love and did not ditch throughout for the past four years, eventhough I've met new ones. Merging friends is good, we should all be friends. Pun intended.

The ones that I stole these pictures from.

The ones who take pictures of every little thing, or record them in videos 'cause we're precious like that.

The ones that I go on awesome trips with. Think swimming in an intoxicated ocean together, think gotten kicked on the face.

The ones who are never shy enough to dance vigorously with, or without alcohol.

All of these pictures are from Audrey, that smoking hot girl in bright orange tank top who went up to the podium for a free tequila shot.

...and gone after that.

There are those of my best friends who are not wild enough to do something like that. Or, drunk enough. Like mummy Denise; who bakes awesome cakes on all occasions. *licks lips*

Then there's Kerry who encourages us (her little minions) to do things like these:

And to those who are like that, with or without encouragement nor when under the influence of alcohol.

Now that we're all working and getting tied down to all kinds of responsibility; I can still feel the youth in all of us that we love too much, and the comfort we find in each other's company. We are not as happening as before anymore, in fact leaving the club at 3am for me was already quite late.

...but times like these make me happy!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
I smiled myself silly when I saw this. <3 Love you Jacqkie!
Swee said…
AWWWW, me lovey this post :) you guys damn active in blogging man...mine's so dead
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Hehehe I love you too Audrey!

Swee: WOMAN. You should start blogging!

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