Hennessy H-Artistry V.S.O.P @ Zouk KL this Saturday!

I know I have a lot of events to attend to lately. Best thing is, I have been coughing 'till my throat sores, slightly high-fever, a bit of cold sweat, sneezing countless of times, watery eyes and at one point this week I completely lost my voice. Not that all of these events require compulsory attendance but most of them are work related either, or clients will be there.

*coughs* Well, part of the reason I'm not going anywhere for a non-jolly-good-old holiday is because I got VIP passess to Hennessy Artistry! I thought of going with psycho Veen Dee but she ditched me for Penang :( I don't remember attending any Hennessy before this, so this could be my first, and am excited! WEE!

This picture taken with the besties at Zouk KL last Friday - where the party's gonna be atttt this Saturdayy!

'Till then, do come by and greet me when you see me! I've been trying to catch up with so many people, this could be a good chance :) SEE YOU THERE!

Let's cheers to happy days!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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